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Solar Gangnam Style

By Danya Golan | December 17, 2012

 SolarEdge 2012 Happy Holidays Clip

One thing I can say about the music for this year’s video, the decision to go with Gangnam Style was easy and almost unanimous.

So we had a song and we had a concept – we wanted to do the solar dance, something fun and happy that everyone can relate to. We also knew we want it to include SolarEdge employees only. No professional actors, singers, dancers. But

then we thought – seriously? We don’t have employees that are actors, singers, dancers. Will our engineers, salesmen and operation staff be willing to participate? Will they manage to do it nicely?


solar time


  Practicing the Solar Dance outside our dining room



And performing the Solar Dance on Tel Aviv’s

beach early in the morning

  solar time



And also, Gangnam style is a rather sexy song. Can we do sexy?

Should we do sexy? The director of the video wanted some bikinis

in the clip, but we thought about it and told him our engineers

would surely look better in suits…


Eytan Heller, superstar and sales manager for Central America

and the UK, Ofer Luke, Manager of SolarEdge Support

and Yoni Ziv, Director of Technical Marketing doing the Solar Dance

  solar time


We wanted to include in the video as many employees as possible, and surely anybody who wants to be in it, but what do we do with the >40 employees we have in offices around the world? Naturally, we wanted all our colleagues from the Munich, Fremont CA, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Paris and Treviso to participate, but time and budget limitations did not allow filming them. Here is the solution we came up with…


solar time

From left to right: on the bodies of HQ employees, heads of Joachim Nell, General Manager for Central Europe, Nobu Fukatsu, Senior Director of Business Development, APAC, Laura Eifertinger, Marketing, Germany, (Eytan), Elisa BacciniRegional Representative, Italy, Peter Mathews, VP North America Sales & Christian Huber, Sales Manager, Germany


To make things easier for everybody and to help our people loosen up and enjoy the dancing, we wanted to bring some beer for the shooting but our VP legal would not allow people to drink at work and then drive  home, so we had to just enjoy it soberly, and I have to admit, she gave a very good example of how it’s done…






Rachel Prishkolnik, VP Legal, doing the Solar Dance

solar time


solar time   




And we had other worries. It’s December. Days are short, and we wanted to shoot in multiple locations to convey the spirit of the original clip. How many locations can we squeeze into a day that ends at 5pm? We had our people up and dancing even before the coffee shops were open. Can you dance before you had your first morning coffee? Apparently you can if the music and team are fun enough





Taking a nap in between shots 






solar time 


solar time  


We had plenty of adventures. We had to keep in mind the safety rules while dancing on the roof, we managed to schedule shooting in the few sunny days between the winter storms, we somehow managed to keep the locations at least whole if not clean and tidy, and more…


solar time


…But forget about logistics, above all, making this video was, as it was in previous years, fun, fun, fun!

We hope you get the same feeling watching it!


Oh, and one more thing about this song, even after listening to it almost non-stop for the last couple of weeks during writing the lyrics, recording, shooting and editing, I can honestly say – you just can’t have too much of it. Even in the millionth time of hearing it, when I get to minute 1:07, hearing “now it’s solar time”, I start jumping. Play it again, see for yourselves…



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We'd like to thank the amazing team that made this video with us:

Producer and Cameraman: Kfir Harbi

Director: Tsachi Portnoy

Choreographer: Dana Parnes Raz

Lighting : Yossi Levy

Editor: Yuval Levi


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