Good design always requires a holistic viewpoint. Take a step back, consider all the details from above, and you get a better perspective on how to deal with problems up close. That’s precisely how SolarEdge developed its distributed approach which maximizes Solar PV performance.

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SolarEdge Technologies Appoints John Berdner as General Manager for North America





John Berdner  


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SolarEdge Technologies Appoints John Berdner as General Manager for North America


Founder and former President of SMA America to head US operations for SolarEdge



Palo Alto, California —April 7, 2010

SolarEdge Technologies, an innovative provider of distributed solar power harvesting and PV monitoring solutions, today announced the appointment of John Berdner to the position of General Manager for North America. In this capacity, Berdner will direct North American operations for SolarEdge. The complete range of SolarEdge products is available in the region through distribution partners such as AEE-Solar, DC Power Systems and others.
“John has developed an enviable track record of growing successful businesses in the US market. His expertise in PV inverters and depth of industry knowledge makes him a key addition to our executive team," said Guy Sella, chairman, CEO and founder of SolarEdge. "SolarEdge will benefit greatly from his nearly 30 years of PV experience and the numerous longstanding relationships he has developed with PV panel manufacturers, integrators, distributors and PV system owners. John also has a strong background in regulatory compliance issues which will be essential for proliferation of our distributed power harvesting system with its cutting edge performance advancements and safety enhancements.”
Mr. Berdner joins SolarEdge from GroSolar where he served as Vice President of Technology. Prior to that, Mr. Berdner was the founder and President of SMA America, Inc. where, in the year 2000 he led the introduction of the popular Sunny Boy inverters into the US market, marking the beginning of a robust US grid tied market. From 2000 to 2006 Mr. Berdner held the position of President and led the company from startup to the US market leader while winning two Frost & Sullivan awards in the field of power electronics.
“When first introduced to the SolarEdge system last year at Intersolar in Munich, I found it to be one of the most interesting concepts at the show” said SolarEdge General Manager Berdner. “As I learned more about the technology and the company’s holistic approach to system design, I became even more impressed. I am thrilled to join an incredible team at SolarEdge and I look forward to expanding market penetration of this revolutionary power conversion solution in North America”
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About SolarEdge
SolarEdge provides the world's first end-to-end Distributed Solar Power Harvesting and PV monitoring solution, allowing maximum energy production at a lower cost per watt. The company works with industry-leading partners to embed its active electronics directly into PV panels. The SolarEdge PowerBoxes™ are DC-DC power optimizers that perform MPPT per individual panel while monitoring performance of each panel and communicating across existing power lines. Moreover, PowerBoxes always maintain a fixed DC string voltage, allowing optimal efficiency of the SolarEdge solar PV inverter, which is tailor made to work with power optimizers. As a result, the SolarEdge system provides more power from any given installation, eliminates design constraints, provides complete panel-level and whole-system visibility for monitoring and maintenance alerts, solves all safety hazards and provides anti-theft mechanisms, all while reducing the cost of energy.