Monitoring Combiner Box

Monitoring Combiner Box


The SolarEdge Smart Monitoring Combiner Box enables a high level of system performance monitoring and exceptional system safety.


The box can be provided with a GFDI (Ground-Fault Detector & Interrupter) which detects string leakage and isolates the faulty string, ensuring other strings are not affected. On-site and web indications are immediately provided as well as email fault notifications. Additionally, the detection and isolation components are continuously monitored and an alert is sent in case of a fault, promising an uninterrupted detection system.


The box includes built-in fuses that meet the U.S. string fusing requirements, eliminating the need for additional fuses.



Feature highlights:


  • UL certified outdoor string combiner box
  • Available in three sizes for up to 16, 36 or to 64 strings
  • Fuse per input (replaceable)
  • Web-based string performance monitoring
  • Per string ground fault detection and automatic isolation
  • Automatic self-testing of main components
  • Communication to monitoring server via Zigbee, RS485 or Ethernet
  • Remote control of cabinets from web server
  • IP65 / NEMA 4 – outdoor installation (NEMA 4X optional)
  • Excellent reliability with 5 year warranty