Comparison to Microinverters

Module-level electronics overcome the shortcomings of traditional inverters and enable maximum power, module-level monitoring, flexible design and enhanced safety. However, there is no need to add an inverter to every module if DC power optimizers can achieve all these benefits at lower cost and higher reliability, and with a simpler installation process.



Power Optimizer Benefits vs Microinverters


Better Reliability

  • SolarEdge puts fewer components into products deployed on the rooftop in order to increase reliability – up to 60% less part count than microinverters.
  • Unlike microinverters, our power optimisers don’t use electrolytic capacitors due to their limited lifetime.

Long Warranties

  • With SolarEdge's superior product quality, we can confidently offer a 25-year warranty for our power optimisers and 12-year standard warranty for our inverters (extendable to 20/25 years). Microinverter warranty varies from 10-25 years depending on market

Wider Module Compatibility

  • SolarEdge power optimisers support the vast majority of solar modules available on the market today, including the high wattage modules preferred in commercial installations.
  • In comparison, the limited AC output capacities of microinverters often result in power clipping when connected to higher power modules. This severely limits installers in their choice of modules.

Easier and Cost-Effective Installations

  • Communications are built-in to the inverter, and the power optimisers are compatible with standard PV connectors. Microinverters require extra communication hardware and costly AC trunk cables for longer installation times.

More Energy in the Shade

  • Power optimizers will produce more energy in all types of shaded conditions than microinverters due to a much wider MPP tracking voltage range.

Greater Scalability

  • The lower cost per Watt of not duplicating the inverter functionality at the module level makes SolarEdge much more scalable for larger residential and commercial installations.