Unique Benefits to PV Installers and System Integrators

Installers & System Integrators


In addition to harvesting maximum power from the PV system, SolarEdge offers unique benefits to installers and integrators of residential systems, commercial roofs and PV fields:


  • Faster and easier design through longer strings that enable less wiring
  • Opportunity to install more modules per given space due to removal of traditional stringing constraints
  • Immediate installation feedback for each module for faster site commissioning
  • Reduced operation and maintenance costs due to effective module-level monitoring
  • Full safety solution - electrocution and fire risks are eliminated with safe voltages during installation and maintenance
  • Scalability - adding modules to existing installations is straightforward so systems can be expanded as needed
  • For existing PV systems, it is possible to retrofit an aging PV system by adding power optimizers in order to harvest more power while benefiting from faster return on investment




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