Module Manufacturers

Module Manufacturers

In SolarEdge, we envision that the majority of PV modules will be individually managed by module-level electronics, replacing the regular solar junction box. This smart module is embedded with module-level electronics that provide power harvesting optimization, safety, and monitoring, all at the module level. SolarEdge offers its module partners the genuine edge and differentiation in smart modules with joint offering alternatives:


  • A full system with smart modules and the SolarEdge inverter that provides added energy, safety, monitoring, and design flexibility for maximum roof utilization
  • A smart module with a monitoring and safety interface that can work with any inverter and provides added energy, safety and monitoring
  • A smart module that performs optimization and can work with any inverter without the need for additional hardware devices to provide added energy

Module Manufacturers partnering with SolarEdge will benefit from:

  • Proven record of installation of more than 1,000,000 power optimizers installed in over 30 countries
  • Global Services to safeguard customer satisfaction, worldwide training and support
  • SolarEdge module partner program that includes mutual technical, marketing and sales support
  • A broad range of offering alternatives





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