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Message from the CEO

The SolarEdge Vision

As an organisation that cares deeply about our employees and the people we work with, we place great importance on corporate social responsibility (CSR). By integrating CSR into our company guidelines, we expect everyone working at or with SolarEdge to adhere to its strict directives and regulations. Our expectations extend to SolarEdge’s partners, subcontractors, and suppliers, who we encourage to reach beyond merely fulfilling basic compliance. We believe in the people we work with, and their ability to make the right decisions when faced with difficult challenges. We encourage all parties to review our CSR guidelines carefully, and to join us in successfully implementing this important mission.

Guy Sella, SolarEdge CEO, Founder, and Chairman of the Board

Guy Sella - SolarEdge CEO


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Business Practices

SolarEdge is committed to practicing fair business while strictly complying with laws and regulations throughout the regions in which we operate. Furthermore, we enforce a zero-tolerance policy on any violations of the following:

  • International Charter on Human Rights
  • Anti-corruption practices
  • Environmental protection
  • Ethical business conduct
  • Fair competition practices
  • Political activities
In addition:
  • We believe in fair competition
  • We strictly prohibit bribes and gifts
  • We are committed to respecting human rights and the environment
  • We strive to ensure that materials used in our products come from socially and environmentally responsible sources
  • We forbid company employees and business partners to pass on or discuss confidential information

Due Diligence and Anti-Corruption Policies

SolarEdge’s internal policies encompass extensive due diligence procedures for potential and current business partners. We undergo regular risk assessments and audits in accordance with industry standards. SolarEdge provides comprehensive compliance training for our employees on corruption, antitrust violations, conflicts of interest, and further relevant aspects of business ethics.


SolarEdge Resources

It is important that SolarEdge company resources are used in a responsible manner, in order to avoid both financial loss and harm to the environment. We ask our employees and partners to do their utmost to avoid wastefulness, loss or damage to company resources, and to report any instances of theft or intentional damage.

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    Donations and Community Involvement

    SolarEdge supports worthy social, charitable, and humanitarian causes through donations and voluntary work undertaken by SolarEdge employees. SolarEdge contributes a fixed percentage of its annual profits to various organisations.

    Examples of SolarEdge employee’s community involvement include:
    • Volunteering their time and expertise to support an organisation called “Go Baby Go”, which customises motorised toy vehicles for disabled children, free of cost. This allows these children to be mobile, empowering their social and emotional development.
    • Donating their time to mentor young people living in areas characterised by its difficult economic conditions and geographic remoteness, to encourage success in finding and maintaining a good occupation matching their education and qualification.


    SolarEdge is committed to promoting a fair and respectful workplace, focusing on:
    • A diverse work environment, free of any form of prejudice or discrimination made against SolarEdge employees, business partners, suppliers, or customers.
    • Equal opportunities for all job applicants seeking employment at SolarEdge.
    • Clear communication and respect between company employees and third-parties, to help achieve successful results as well as increased productivity.
    • Fair pay and benefits, covering the resources necessary for employees’ long-term physical well-being, allowing a safe, decent standard of living.
    • Employment security, ensuring SolarEdge employees feel safe and secure in the workplace.


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      Safety in the Workplace

      SolarEdge places high priority on the safety of our employees, business partners, suppliers, customers, and society as a whole. Safety training and compliance is compulsory throughout our offices and manufacturing facilities, in order to reduce as much as possible, the chance of injury and other occupational hazards.


      We enforce a strict Electrical Safety Policy throughout our offices and facilities, where use of high voltage equipment is required. Regular electrical safety training is held, ensuring our employees always use the highest level of precautions when working with high voltage.


      Employees also attend mandatory safety drills and training, related to fires, earthquakes, and other potentially disastrous scenarios.


      Substance Abuse Policy

      SolarEdge prohibits drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace, and is committed to finding the best way to deal with any occurrence of substance abuse, both for the well-being of the individual and the company.


      Customers and Suppliers

      We are constantly working to improve the quality of the products and services we supply to our customers. SolarEdge places the utmost importance on ensuring complete customer satisfaction by following ethical business practices and keeping the customer experience central to all key product and service decisions.


      We are committed to working only with suppliers and partners that follow responsible and ethical business practices, in accordance with established UN initiatives on employment equality, workplace security, fair wages, etc.


      Our primary suppliers are also required to sign the SolarEdge code of conduct, which binds them to conduct business according to these principles.

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      Compliance and Certification

      Compliance and Certification

      SolarEdge aims to improve the efficiency of our products and the quality of our offerings by complying with stringent international standards on quality management. We strive to go beyond the most basic level of regulatory compliance, and encourage our partners, suppliers, and customers to do the same.

      ISO 9001 icon ISO 90003 icon

      Environmental Protection

      As an industry leader in technologies that promote environmentally friendly solutions for energy generation, we try to limit the harmful effects of traditional energy sources like oil and coal. We have installed PV systems at our offices in the U.S. and in Israel and have taken measures to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

      SolarEdge complies with the following set of international quality and environmental standards:

      ISO-14001icon OHSAS-18001 icon WEEE Icon RoHs 12 REACH      


      Confidential Information

      While ensuring that access to sensitive company information is made available, it is equally important that our employees safeguard sensitive data from loss or theft. Company information is defined as, but not limited to, the following:


      • All sales and marketing materials related to the company’s products
      • Business strategy and planning
      • Information related to mergers and acquisitions
      • Internal documentation
      • Product performance and testing data
      • Financial and legal documents
      • Personal information of employees, customers and suppliers


      Reporting Non-Compliance

      Identifying, reporting, and managing non-compliance with SolarEdge’s policies at an early stage can help limit the extent of damage caused to our employees, partners, customers, and shareholders. Any legal violations of the policies outlined in these guidelines, whether witnessed or simply suspected, should be reported to the following parties in this order:

      • Supervising manager
      • Legal department
      • General counsel
      • Audit committee
      Whistleblower Protection

      SolarEdge is committed to protecting the privacy of anyone who reports what they believe to be a violation of company policy, serious irregularities in the way business is being conducted, or the law.


      No Retaliation Policy

      The Company, and applicable law, prohibit any form of retaliation for raising concerns or reporting possible misconduct in good faith.


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