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Sun Banditos!

SolarEdge is happy to announce its eighth annual holiday video!! This tradition has become a part of the SolarEdge culture with employees looking forward to the crazy, strange, and extremely fun end-of-year event. The tradition of the SolarEdge holiday video is so well known, that we receive calls from customers asking about the upcoming video.

A note to anyone who would have wanted a sneak peek: It's TOP SECRET!! Not even the employees knew the full script of the video before it was released to the public. The videos show the fun side of SolarEdge and offers a glimpse into how our creative spirit is not only used to create innovative products, but is used to have some fun.

This year's video was inspired by a song that has made history by being the most watched video on YouTube with over 4 billion views. It's a song that many of us have heard before but rewritten to show our love for the sun. The video includes various employees from around the world each adding their own twist to make the video a diverse experience.

“One of the most memorable parts for me was when we were filming outside by a creek and the wind started picking up causing our cue-card to fly into the water,” said Priscilla Robertson, Service and Onboarding Supervisor. “I’m sure that it was stressful for the cue-card holder, but at the same time it got everyone to lighten up, laugh, and get into the spirit of the video!”

sun banditos

“The drumming was a LOT of fun!” said Cameron Stewart, West Coast Applications Engineer. “But a lesson to anyone who wants to do this in the future — give out the directions before you give out the sticks! As soon as we had sticks, you couldn’t stop us from tapping out a beat on anything or anyone around!”

sun banditos

So, kick off your shoes, hit the floor, and join us in being Sun Banditos! How often do you get the chance to use the periodic table, neutrinos, and banditos all in one poetic narrative? These catchy lyrics help us all give some love to the sun. Sing them with us!

sun banditos

Oh! You’re a magic mix of hydrogen and helium

A hundred times the size of the earth we’re on

Lighting up the entire solar system (oh yeah)

You, you know you’re my favorite powerball by far

Ruling over all the other little stars

And bringing life and warmth to our planet ...

sun banditos


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