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SolarEdge Smart Panels

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From PV to Grid with One Solar Vendor

By offering best-in-class smart panels, SolarEdge has expanded its comprehensive residential offering even further. Pre-assembled with power optimisers, the smart panels combine with SolarEdge’s award-winning inverters to enable faster and easier PV installations than before.

Increased Performance

Increased Performance Pre-assembled power optimisers to harvest more power from each panel

Long-term Warranty

Long-term Warranty icon 12-year panel warranty and 25-year performance warranty

Excellent Reliability

Excellent Reliability icon Superior quality control guaranteed by SolarEdge, with full automatic production line and 100% EL triple inspection, independently verified by PI Berlin

Improved Pricing

Improved Pricing icon Cost-effective system pricing, with all key components from a single vendor

Aesthetic Design

Aesthetic Design icon Elegant design with black-framed panel offering

Complete Solution

Complete Solution icon Full system offering, warranty, and service, all from SolarEdge, a bankable and financially stable vendor


Bringing value to PV installers

PV installers image
Complete your SolarEdge portfolio with 300W smart panels for easier system design and other unique benefits:

  • Enjoy a full product offering, with complete warranty and service, from a single vendor
  • Reduce your installation time and costs by installing panel with pre-assembled power optimisers
  • Continue to take advantage of SolarEdge’s key system benefits: More energy output, advanced safety features, design flexibility, and panel-level performance monitoring

Bringing value to homeowners

Homeowners image

SolarEdge smart panels only enhances an already powerful residential offering for your customers, including:

  • Premium PV panel to boost performance and aesthetics
  • Improved curb appeal with elegant black-framed panel design
  • Peace of mind thanks to excellent product and performance warranty, with proven panel reliability
  • Mitigation of all types of panel power losses
  • Optimised energy output of each individual panel
  • Automatic panel-level voltage shutdown protecting people and property
  • Easy upgrades to battery storage and smart energy solutions for a truly future-proofed system


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