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SolarEdge Site Monitoring Administration Rights Transfer


Monitoring PV site performance down to the module/panel level is one of the many advantages of SolarEdge systems. To ensure that your SolarEdge PV system is monitored and managed by your installer, please complete and submit the Rights Transfer form below.

To: Customer Support SolarEdge Technologies Inc. (“SolarEdge”)

I hereby represent and warrant that as of the Date of Ownership Transfer, I am the rightful legal owner of the System identified below (the “System”) and request that the administration rights of the System on the SolarEdge Monitoring Portal be assigned to the below mentioned name.

I acknowledge that SolarEdge shall transfer the administration rights in respect of the System(s) in reliance on my below representations and warranties and hereby release SolarEdge, its affiliates, employees, directors, legal representatives and assigns (“Representatives”) from any and all claims and liability relating to said transfer.

I will, at my own expense, defend and indemnify SolarEdge and its Representatives from and against any claims, suits, losses, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) brought by any other third party resulting from or relating to the representations, warranties, and transfer of ownership hereunder.)

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By pressing the “submit” button, I hereby declare that I am duly authorized to sign this form and that I have personal knowledge of the accuracy of the facts stated above.
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