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Control Loops Algorithms Designer

Job Description

SolarEdge invented an intelligent photovoltaic system that revolutionized the way power is harvested and managed in a solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

The SolarEdge system consists of inverters, solar panel power optimizers , storage solutions, and a cloud-based monitoring platform.

The SolarEdge products include real-time and embedded SW,HW and a monitoring system.

In this position you will take part in the smart control loops algorithms development for a state of the art technologies in the field of power electronics.

What will you do in this position:

  • Work with HW teams from the concept phase
  • Build complex simulations integrating HW + SW
  • Design complex control loop algorithms using advanced tools
  • Converting complex control loops algorithms to real time code in simulations
  • Support RT developers with control loops algorithms implementation on various DSP’s/MCU’s platforms including SolarEdge innovative platforms
  • Implement control loops algorithm code

Professional requirements:

  • M.S.c or higher degree in Electrical engineering from leading universities, specialized in close loop control
  • Experienced in designing close loop control : PID, PR, DQ plain control
  • Experience in using control system design tools such as MATLAB +Simulink , PLECS
  • Good Human Relations
  • Advantage -experience in implementing digital control loops using DSP’s/MCU’s for power electronics