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Automation Technician

Job Description

SolarEdge is a top global leader in smart energy technology. The company's broad range of products encompasses intelligent inverter and storage systems, revolutionary EV charger, smart energy management solutions, and more.

SolarEdge's power design teams play a crucial role in creating new innovative solutions, owning the process from design & development up to implementation and manufacturing. 

We are looking for an experienced and diligent individual to join the team.

What will you be doing:

•Support the Hardware team from the design and development stages in lab feasibility tests, through board and system tests after layout till we have a certified product ready for mass production.  

• Component-level debugging.

•Plan and execute HW-SW tests.

•Write test reports.

•Manual and Script Automation tests of the Products. 

•Responsible for automatic testers including building the automatic tester stations and writing their automation scripts. 

•Troubleshooting of problems and failures.


•Education: Technical Electricity degree/certificate (Technician, Practical Engineer).

•Knowledge of basic electronic components and circuits.

•Experience in System Debug (Power, Analog, Digital).

•Experience with high voltage systems testing.

•Experience in component level Debug (Power, Analog, Digital).

•Experience in work with basic test equipment (scopes, power meters).

•Advantage: LabView, Electrician certificate

•Experienced in writing Script Coding Such as python, C#, etc. 

•Experience in reading electrical schematics/brds, datasheets, user manuals, and product specifications. 

•Proven hands-on abilities (Process includes work with Screwdrivers, solder iron, wiring, etc.)