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SolarEdge is constantly seeking energetic, talented individuals who are looking for challenging opportunities in this continuously growing industry. We invite you to build your career with us at SolarEdge.

Infrastructure and Applicative DBA Engineer

Job Description

Solaredge is looking for an Infrastructure and Applicative DBA to work with the company development departments. 

You will handle databases with Billions of records and TBs of data.

You will work mainly on MYSQL and some MSSQL with high quality developers to solve issues and improve the databases performance.

Requirements :

  • Minimum 2 years of experience with MYSQL Databases on all aspects – from installation, maintenance and optimizations.
  • Experience with MYSQL advanced topics like Replicas, Deadlocks, connectivity and File system 
  • Experience with MYSQL INNODB and MYISAM
  • Experience with MSSQL Databases installations and troubleshooting 
  • Affinity for best practices and optimal structures.
  • Excellent human and relations skills.

Advantages :

  • Experience as DBA serving several departments.
  • Experience in creating optimized tables for best performance (fields, relations, etc.)
  • Experience in upgrading between MYSQL Versions