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Streamline your PV system design with the SolarEdge Designer

The Designer is a free web-based tool that helps you lower your PV design costs and close more deals by making more compelling customer proposals. Use the online tool to plan, build and validate your SolarEdge systems from inception to installation.

Log in to Designer using your existing SolarEdge monitoring account details. If you don't have a monitoring account yet, just sign up below.


Save Time and Money

  • Design PV systems using the latest satellite imagery — no reason to perform an onsite survey prior to first customer meeting
  • Free for use — no need for expensive design tools to perform basic tasks
  • Maximize roof utilization and enjoy SolarEdge design flexibility advantages with instant validation 
  • Eliminate costly installation mistakes by creating visual wiring diagrams of your PV system

Close more deals

  • Impress your customers with a visually attractive 3D simulation of their roof
  • Make quick, on-the-fly design modifications based on homeowner feedback
  • Offer more compelling customer proposals with Designer’s comprehensive reports and accurate energy simulations

Enjoy a modern, intuitive platform

  • Clean, interactive, graphical interface
  • Web-based access from any Mac or PC
  • Multi-user access to your Designer account for easy project collaboration automatic upgrades — no need to install new versions or download datasets



Designer Tutorial

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