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Environmental Sensors

Environmental sensors are used to monitor a site’s irradiance, temperature, and wind velocity, and to calculate site performance ratio (PR). The sensors connect to the SolarEdge Control and Communication Gateway and the measurements are displayed in the SolarEdge monitoring platform. Up to three sensors can be connected to a single Control and Communication Gateway. Additional sensors can be installed using multiples gateways.

  • Irradiance sensor (SE1000-SEN-IRR-S1): The irradiance sensor is a high-quality solar cell. It measures solar irradiance levels for photovoltaic systems. The sensor's irradiance output signal is 0 to 1V covering a 0 to 1000W/m2 range.
  • Ambient temperature sensor (SE1000-SEN-TAMB-S2): The ambient temperature sensor measures the surrounding temperature. The sensor's measurement signal is 0 to 10V covering a -40 to +90°C range.
  • Module temperature  sensor (SE1000-SEN-TMOD-S2): The module temperature sensor measures the temperature at the back of the photovoltaic module. The sensor's measurement signal is 4 to 20mA covering a -40 to +90°C range.
  • Wind sensor (SE1000-SEN-WIND-S1): The wind sensor provides highly accurate and robust wind horizontal velocity measurements. The sensor's output signal is 4 to 20mA covering a 0 to 50 m/s range.



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