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What is the difference between mySolarEdge and the previous monitoring app?

The mySolarEdge app is packed with the same energy management features as our monitoring app, plus new self-service capabilities to help system owners quickly and independently resolve routine issues. Using mySolarEdge, you are able to view your inverter and communication status for quick and easy troubleshooting, if needed, as well as monitor your system’s health.

How can I monitor my system in the monitoring platform?

Your installer can register the site for you. Once registered you will receive a confirmation email with the link to the monitoring platform. If you have not received the confirmation email yet, please contact your installer. To login into the monitoring platform please click here.

Already have monitoring access? Learn how to monitor your system efficiently by watching our quick user video and checking out all relevant resources here

How can I check my production without communication?

SolarEdge highly recommends connecting your system to the SolarEdge monitoring platform for enhanced PV performance monitoring. You can use the methods below to check your system’s performance without an internet connection In SetApp-enabled inverters:

1.    Check for the status of the LED indicator at the bottom of the unit.
2.    When the inverter is producing energy, the green LED will be constantly on.


In inverters with a display:

Press once the green button at the bottom of the inverter or the ok button on the front of the inverter. The power production information will be displayed.


Is the system communicating properly with the monitoring platform?

Inverters with LCD screens will display “S_OK” when they are connected to SolarEdge servers. SetApp-enabled inverters will have an illuminated blue LED.  If the system is not communicating, check the communication status screen of the LCD or of SetApp, and reference the error message in the installation guide.


Who do I contact if my system is not performing as expected or if I'm having technical issues with my system?

You should contact your solar installer for all performance-related inquiries.

You can also log in to the support center and check out our comprehensive knowledge base library, providing one central resource filled with technical articles and videos to help troubleshoot your service issue.

Can I turn the Wi-Fi off? does it affect the system?

Turning off your Wi-Fi will prevent your system from communicating with the monitoring platform. The production from your system will not be affected, and the data transmission will be resumed (and restored retroactively up to a certain limit) once the connection is re-established.

I purchased a home with a system already installed and need access to monitoring or I am transferring ownership of my home and would like to provide access to the new owner. How can this be done?

If you purchased a home with a solar system and need monitoring access, please send a proof of purchase that shows the sale has been completed to Make sure to include all of your applicable information including your name, email, address, and SolarEdge inverter serial number.

If you are selling a home and want to transfer access to the new owner, please contact us at with the new owner’s name, email address, and address of the home so we can complete a transfer.