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Solaredge Enhancing Residential PV Offering for Australia

Increased power production with single-phase inverters and new three-phase inverters for cost-effective larger PV systems

Collingwood, Australia — September 19, 2017 —SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. (“SolarEdge”) (NASDAQ: SEDG), a global leader in PV inverters, power optimisers, and module-level monitoring services, announced today an expansion to its residential offering in Australia. Offering increased cost-effectiveness in larger PV systems, SolarEdge has now approved higher production with single-phase inverters and launched a line of three-phase inverters.

Already supporting 155% beyond the inverter maximum sizing ratio with HD-Wave inverters and 135% beyond the inverter maximum sizing ratio with its standard DC optimised inverters, SolarEdge systems enable larger system installations. In addition to this, when installing SolarEdge’s StorEdge solution with a DC-coupled battery, SolarEdge now warrants additional PV capacity of up to 5kWp beyond the inverter maximum sizing ratio. This enables maximum battery charging even when the inverter is operating at full capacity to support the house loads. The battery, charging directly from the PV, allows up to 255% increased PV system size compared to a standard system without going beyond the inverter maximum sizing ratio and a battery. By increasing the amount of power available for battery charging, system owners receive improved power back up stability and charging, even during times of low irradiance. Support for increased power production is approved for both new and existing installations.

Strengthening SolarEdge’s residential offering, SolarEdge is now launching a line of three-phase inverters. These inverters allow the cost-effective installation of an individual SolarEdge inverter for residencies connected to a three-phase grid. The three-phase inverters are available in power ratings of 5k, 7k, and 8k.

“Dedicated to supporting the Australian PV market, SolarEdge continues to develop solutions tailored to Australia's local needs and requirements,” stated Daniel Huber, SolarEdge’s VP and General Manager Australia and Japan. “These additions to our portfolio allow us to better serve the market and provide installers with solutions to meet local demand while optimising their businesses."

SolarEdge’s commercial power optimisers are now available in Australia.

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