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Reduced BoS Costs - System Comparison

SolarEdge Solution

Typical String Inverter

  • 26-50 modules per string (up to 15.3kW)
  • Uneven strings can work in parallel
  • Only shaded modules produce less power. Other modules on string are not affected
  • Any module size or type can be used
  • Modules can be installed in any orientation/tilt


  • Limited string length
  • Must match string lengths per MPP tracker
  • Shaded modules reduce total power collected from all modules on that string
  • Cannot mix different types of modules
  • Locked in to same orientation/tilt per MPP tracker


  • SolarEdge cabling
SolarEdge Cabling

Cabling Comparison

The SolarEdge solution allows up to 15.3kW per string. Longer strings allow for fewer strings to be connected, resulting in less wiring, fewer combiner boxes, fuses and other BoS components.

In this 100kW example, the BoS cost saving amounts to 1.2/Wp

  • Traditional cabling

Traditional cabling

Black Line Included DC Cables Red Line Additional DC cables


Inverter Replacement/Warranty Extension

Most standard inverter warranties typically range between 5-10 years. This means that inverters require at least one replacement during the system lifetime. Funds need to be set aside to cover replacement costs or alternatively, inverter warranty extensions should be purchased.

Typical 20-year warranty extensions cost 3-4c/Wp. With SolarEdge:

  • 70% of the inverter system cost, namely the power optimizers, have a standard 25-year warranty.
  • SolarEdge inverters have a standard 12-year warranty, with warranty extension up to 20 years costing as low as 1c/Wp. This amounts to a savings of 2-3c/Wp.


Inverter Optimizer warranty

O & M image

O&M Cost Savings


SolarEdge can enable 15%-25% savings on annual O&M costs



  • Module-level performance monitoring – free for lifetime, no data hosting fees
  • Power line communication, no hardware is needed for module monitoring Inverters ship with support for direct Ethernet and RS485 connectivity


Preventive maintenance

  • High resolution monitoring
  • Remote inspections
  • Fewer strings – less inspection time


Corrective maintenance

  • Pinpointed alerts
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Safer maintenance



Increase Lifetime Revenue icon

Increase Lifetime Revenue

Install more modules with better PV design
Generate more energy over the system lifetime



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Mitigate Risk

Built-in protection – SafeDC™
Maximum safety of people and assets



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