Increase Solar ROI with SolarEdge Commercial Solutions
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Increase Lifetime Revenue

Solar ROI
Solar ROI

More Energy from Every Module

In a PV system with no shading issues, SolarEdge can typically add ~2% more energy in the system’s first year by limiting losses due to manufacturing tolerance mismatch, soiling, and more. Uneven module degradation also accounts for significant module mismatch, with SolarEdge typically adding ~3%-5% more energy by mitigating this mismatch over the project lifetime. This translates to an average addition of ~4-6c/Wp revenue over the system lifetime and faster solar ROI.

Solar profit

More Power on the Roof

More Power On The Roof
More Power On The Roof

~27% More Power

Assuming ~5% additional power with 33% shading, the system owner will receive ~3% additional revenue (6c/Wp) over the system lifetime while the EPC gains additional profit of ~2c/Wp.

SolarEdge power optimizers enable installation of:

  • Modules in partially shaded areas
  • Strings of uneven lengths
  • Strings in multiple orientations and different roof facets

The results are:

  • Maximum roof utilization
  • A larger system for faster solar ROI for the system owner
  • Increased solar profit for the EPC
Decrease Expenses icon
Decrease Expenses

Lower BoS costs with flexible design
Lower O&M costs with module-level monitoring

Mitigate Risk icon
Mitigate Risk

Built-in protection – SafeDC™
Maximum safety of people and assets

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