StorEdge™ On-Grid Solution

SolarEdge’s StorEdge DC coupled storage solution can be used to increase energy independence for homeowners by utilizing a battery to store and supply power as needed. To optimize self-consumption, the battery is automatically charged and discharged to meet consumption needs and reduce the amount of power purchased from the grid. The solution is based on a single inverter for both PV and storage. Existing SolarEdge systems can be upgraded to the StorEdge solution. 
The SolarEdge StorEdge solution is compatible with the RESU7H and RESU10H batteries after a firmware upgrade. The table below shows the compatibility of the different StorEdge interfaces with LG Chem batteries. 

StorEdge Products and Battery Compatibility 

SolarEdge Inverter
Compatible StorEdge Interface


Single phase
non-HD-Wave inverters


Compatible with inverter CPU version 3.2150 or higher
New firmware required — 
HD-Wave InvertersSESTI-S4

Interface and firmware available November 2017


Single phase
non-HD-Wave inverters

Compatible with inverter CPU version 3.2150 or higher
New firmware required — 
HD-Wave InvertersSESTI-S4Interface and firmware available November 2017

*Not all high voltage RESU batteries sold by LG Chem are compatible with SolarEdge; compatible batteries contain SEG in their part number

Support for Home Energy Management for use with LG batteries will be available in July.

Read the Residential catalogue to see different StorEdge configurations.

Learn more about providing backup power during grid outages using StorEdge (South Africa and Australia only).

For additional information about StorEdge solutions, download and review the following collateral:

Residential Catalogue

Installation Manual


Quick Wiring Guide

Storedge Interface Datasheet

AC Coupled Inverter

For LG Chem technical documentation, register on their website to download additional material. 

Installation Video

List of videos:

StorEdge™ Benefits


More Energy

  • DC coupled solution allows high system efficiency
  • PV power is stored directly in the battery
  • No additional conversions from AC to DC and back to AC
  • Module-level power optimization for more power harvesting


Simple Design & Installation

  • A single inverter for both PV and on-grid storage
  • Outdoor installation allows flexibility in battery location
  • No special wires are required — utilizes the same PV cables


Full Visibility and Easy Maintenance

  • Monitor the battery status, PV production, and self-consumption data
  • Smarter energy consumption to reduce electricity bill
  • Remote access to inverter/battery software


Enhanced Safety

  • PV array and battery voltage designed to reduce to a safe voltage upon AC shut down
  • Compliance with VDE 2100-712



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