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APS Residential Battery Pilot

GS Incentive pilot
GS Incentive pilot

Earn up to $3,750 in incentives as part of the APS Residential Battery Pilot – Upgrade to SolarEdge Energy Hub with SolarEdge Energy Bank battery

Enroll your SolarEdge system in the Arizona Public Service (APS) Residential Battery Pilot.

More of a Good Thing: Adding a Battery to Your Solar 

Are you an APS customer? Install SolarEdge Energy Hub with Energy Bank battery backup and get paid to help APS work towards a
greener, cleaner grid. Participate in one of APS’ pilot options below to maximize your incentive and get paid up to $3,750* in combined incentives.

Data Access

Data Only

Receive up to $2,500*
Allow APS to monitor your battery performance.

Data Access

Data + Battery Management

Receive an added $1,250
Allow APS to use stored energy during high demand


* $500 per installed kW, up to $2,500 per home, limit of one incentive per household

Data + Battery Management: How It Works


  • During regular system usage: your home runs on energy produced by your solar system and complements it with power from the battery and/or the grid.


How it works - Regular Use


  • During an event: your battery will discharge at the pilot’s maximum allowed power, leaving you with enough storage in case of an outage.
    Meanwhile, you’ll still be able to source energy from the grid to keep the entire household running, uninterrupted.
How it works - Peak Demand Event


  • After an event: your solar system will automatically recharge your battery after the event ends.
How it works - Blackout

APS Pilot Incentives

The pilot runs all year for 3 years.

Discharge Events per season Up to 100
Event Duration 1-4 hours
Time Discharge Events can occur 6pm - 9pm (non holiday weekdays)
9am – 9pm (weekends and holidays)






Upfront Incentive  
Data Only $500 per kW
(up to $2,500 per home)
Data +
Battery Management
$500 per kW plus an additional $1,250 per home
(up to $3,750 per home)
ConnectedSolutions pilot

Get Started

If you are an installer looking to enroll your customer in the APS Residential Battery pilot, fill out either the Data Only or the Data + Battery Management forms below, then submit them to apsapplications@solaredge.com

Application Form icon  Data Only Form

Application Form icon  Data + Battery Management Form


*Disclaimer. For clarity, the above forms and terms and conditions are between you / the end-users who are using SolarEdge products and the Arizona Public Service. Any incentive under this pilot shall be paid solely by the Arizona Public Service. Please note that SolarEdge shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, injury, or for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, exemplary, or consequential damages, including (without limitation) lost profits or loss of energy arising from or related to the this APS Residential Battery Pilot.

Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an installer and want to learn more, please contact SolarEdge at apsInstallerEligibility@solaredge.com
If you are a homeowner and want to learn more, please contact us to be connected to a solar expert

What is the APS Residential Battery Pilot?

The Residential Battery Pilot is designed to help battery owners save money. The 3-year pilot runs year-round. There are two options for participating in the pilot:

  • Data Only
  • Data + Battery Management

Am I eligible for the pilot?

You may only participate if this is your first time connecting a battery to the grid. Ask your installer about SolarEdge Energy Hub with advanced home backup, offering the power to keep you on even when the grid is off.

AND you must be:

  • A current APS residential customer.
  • On Time of Use (TOU) or a grandfathered service plan with a rate rider.

You may also participate by adding a new battery to an existing SolarEdge system.
No installer? Tell us more about your needs and be connected to a local installer in your area.

How much money can I earn with the APS pilot?

The incentive you receive depends on how you choose to participate in the pilot:

  • Customers who share their battery data with APS are eligible for a rebate of $500 per installed kW up to $2,500 per home.
  • Customers who share their battery data and allow APS to use energy stored in their battery on days of high demand are also eligible for an additional one-time incentive of $1,250 per home (up to $3,750 per home total).

There is a limit of one incentive per household. The pilot is subject to change by APS at any time

How do payments work?

All pilot incentive payments are made by your local utility company Arizona Public Service (APS)
SolarEdge is not responsible or liable for any incentive payments.

APS endeavors to process payment checks to participants with or without Battery Control within 4 weeks of permission to operate the battery.

How to apply?

Work with your installer to complete the Data Only or Data + Battery Management application form. Agree to the terms and conditions and submit to: apsapplications@solaredge.com

If you are an installer, contact your SolarEdge account manager or email us at apsInstallerEligibility@solaredge.com for application forms. Fill out and submit the application and we’ll do the rest.

How will I know if my system is enrolled?

Once your application has been accepted by APS, you will receive an email notification confirming your enrollment.

If I am enrolled in the Data + Battery Management option, how do I know when there is an event?

Customers who choose to allow APS to control their battery can expect up to 100 events year-round. Events may take place on weekdays from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM and on weekends & holidays from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM. Events will run 1-4 hours in length.

You’ll be notified by email when events are scheduled. You can opt-out from individual adjustment events by following the opt-out link in the event notification email.

How will I know if my system is responding?

You will be able to view your participation by monitoring your system’s activity at monitoring.solaredge.com or through the mySolarEdge app.

Can I retrofit my solar energy system with a battery?

Yes. With SolarEdge EnergyHub you can add a battery anytime and enroll.

Will I be able to withdraw from the pilot after enrolling?

Enrolled and accepted participants who have not yet received the pilot incentive can withdraw by contacting aps@energyhub.com

Which SolarEdge-supported battery is approved for this pilot?

SolarEdge Energy Bank is the only SolarEdge-supported battery currently approved for this pilot