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HD-Wave Inverter with RGM and Consumption Monitoring

Offer Monitored Consumption Reduce Customer Confusion
Offer Monitored Consumption Reduce Customer Confusion

HD-Wave Inverter with RGM and Consumption Monitoring

The visibility to maximize self-consumption and minimize bills

SolarEdge's single phase inverter with award-winning HD-Wave technology is now available with integrated consumption and revenue grade production monitoring. It only requires a simple connection of two external SolarEdge CTs (sold separately) to enable consumption monitoring.

Instead of getting an earful, give them an eyeful

It’s no secret that homeowners tend to ramp up energy use after going solar—and when they do, they often come back to you. Provide your customers with a clear insight into high utility bills by offering the HD-Wave inverter with RGM and consumption monitoring. Enhance the customer experience while eliminating unnecessary installation time and complexity.

Reduce unnecessary service calls and truck rolls

Reduce unnecessary service calls & truck rolls

Increase sales and boost positive online reviews

Increase sales & boost positive online reviews

Improve customer satisfaction and online reviews

Improve customer satisfaction & online reviews

Reduce compensation risk

Reduce compensation risk


Faster Installs Means More Installs

With pre-activated consumption and production metering already built-in to the system, we’ve eliminated an additional box. Stay light on your fleet—move swiftly from one install to the next, while avoiding the hassles of additional parts and labor.

Faster Installs Means More Installs

The Insight to Earn a Return

Many homeowners won’t realize it’s time for a change unless you point it out. Catch spikes in energy use through the SolarEdge monitoring platform and recommend future expansions or smart home upgrades—add more modules, battery storage, or EV charging. Monitoring reports via the web platform or API will help you identify customers for solar expansion - which means more revenue for your business.

  • Create customer lifetime value
  • Differentiate and increase your sales offerings
  • Inspire more referrals
The Insight to Earn a Return

More Revenue in Your Pocket.
And Theirs.

Selling RGMs (Revenue Grade Meters) is the quickest way to a win-win situation for installers AND homeowners. Local and federal programs offer performance-based incentives/ feed-in tariff programs like SRECs and as a result, your customers could potentially see thousands in ROI.

More Revenue in Your Pocket. And Theirs

Quality. Controlled.

  • Industry-leading 12-year warranty extendable to 20 or 25 years (external meters are typically 2-5 years)
  • Simplified configuration with pre-activated meters
  • Record-setting inverter efficiency of 99%
  • Production revenue grade metering: 0.5% accuracy, ANSI C12.20 
  • Rapid shutdown compliant for NEC 2014 and 2017



Single Phase Inverter with HD-Wave Technology NAM

Product FAQs

What kind of CTs (Current Transformers) are compatible with this inverter?

The inverter is compatible with SolarEdge Rigid CTs (also known as split-core CTs) and Flexible CTs (also known as Rogowski coils). SolarEdge sells 100A and 200A rigid CTs. CCS flexible CTs are also approved for use and should be purchased separately. Please contact your distributor to learn more.

How long can I extend the CT’s?

The CT’s can be extended up to 100 feet.

What cable type should I use for CT extension?

The extension cable must be shielded, with the Cat5e cable being the recommended cable type. 

What is the accuracy of the built-in RGM?

The RGM is ANSI C12.20 certified with an accuracy of 0.5%.

What is the accuracy of the built-in consumption meter? Is it revenue grade?

The built-in consumption meter is not revenue grade. It has an accuracy of 1% when used with split core CTs.

Is running a communications wire inside the AC conduit code compliant?

Yes, as long as the wire is rated for 600V.

Are flexible CTs compatible with this product?

Yes, flexible CTs are compatible but need to be installed with an external power supply (purchased separately).

Do I need to do anything to activate the import/export meter aka consumption meter?

You just need to configure the CT rating. The default CT rating is zero.

Should I opt not to use consumption metering, do I need to do anything to de-activate the import/export meter?

No, everything works right out of the box. In such cases, only the RGM production meter is active.

Can I install the export/import meter in non-neutral grid installations?

Yes. Make sure to follow the installation guide and use an adapter cable (purchased separately).