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Supported Devices

Supported Non-SolarEdge External Devices

Environmental Sensors

SolarEdge offers environmental sensors that can be used to monitor a site’s irradiance, temperature and wind velocity and calculate site performance ratio; for additional info refer to the sensors page. In addition, SolarEdge supports the connection of other sensors.
The sensors connect to the SolarEdge Control and Communication Gateway (CCG).
SolarEdge has specifically tested and approved the sensors detailed in the table below, manufactured by 'Ingenieurbüro Mencke & Tegtmeyer GmbH'. However, any sensor that meets the analog sensor input specifications of the CCG can be used (refer to the CCG datasheet for full specifications).

Sensor Type


Measurement Range

Electrical Output

Module Temperature




-40…+90 °C

4..20 mA


-40…+90 °C

0..10 V

Ambient Temperature


-40…+90 °C

4..20 mA

Ta-V-4090 -40…+90 °C 0..10 V
Wind direction 4.3129.00.141 0…360° 4….20mA
4.3129.00.167 0…360° 0-2VDC
Wind Velocity
4.3519.00.167 0…50m/s 0-2VDC
Silicon Irradiance Sensor Si-I-420TC 0…1500W/m2 4….20mA
Si-V-10TC 0…1500W/m2 0-10VDC
Pyranometers SMP11-A 0…1600W/m² 4….20mA
SMP11-V -200…2000W/m² 0-1VDC