The South Logan Magpie finds winning SolarEdge power optimiser and gets US$10,000! | SolarEdge
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The South Logan Magpie finds winning SolarEdge power optimiser and gets US$10,000!

Thanks to heightened market understanding of the benefits of module-level power electronics, SolarEdge recently crossed the milestone of shipping ten million power optimisers around the world. As part of the celebration, SolarEdge wanted to show its appreciation to the industry for its support, SolarEdge wanted to thank its installers. SolarEdge placed ten prize-winning power optimisers, marked with a congratulatory card and the founders’ signatures, and shipped them around the globe. Each power optimiser carried a cash value of ten thousand dollars for the lucky installation company. On the 21st of April, 2016, an installer in Australia was the second person to find a prize-winning power optimiser.
Sam Gardel and his apprentice at Gardel Electrical were on site in Willow Vale, Queensland doing an installation when they found one of the ten prize-winning power optimisers. 



Michael Rush, SolarEdge Australia General Manager, with Sam Gardel of Gardel Electrical]


So excited and thankful for the win, Sam Gardel visited SolarEdge’s office in Collingwood, Victoria. Sam told the SolarEdge team, “It was a very exciting day and I thought it was too good to be true. Turns out it was true and I won $10,000! I am so grateful for this and the good part of the winnings will probably go toward buying more SolarEdge equipment for a 19kw job that I have next week!”

After learning about SolarEdge, Sam started installing the DC optimized inverter technology in May, 2015. Sam realized that with SolarEdge technology he could better achieve his company’s goals of tailoring solar energy installations to help homeowners best capitalize on their investment and improve ROI. With the current PV market, Sam knows that with every cent invested, the homeowner or commercial property owner is looking at how soon they can recoup on their investment. To date, Sam has already installed 25 SolarEdge installations and has five more in the pipeline.
Sam explains, “I simply love the fact that with SolarEdge design flexibility I can install panels on various roof facets to the benefit of the end client. This helps me make sure I can deliver on performance depending on their load profile, as opposed to standard string inverters that restrict an installer.”
Sam prides himself on sourcing a majority of his new clients purely from referrals from past projects. Most of his clients are so satisfied with the level of detail and professionalism that he brings to the craft, they can’t help but spread the good word to their friends and family.
Sam Gardel started his journey to becoming a PV installer in 2005 in sunny Brisbane, Australia as a hardworking electrician who spent his days replacing overhead powerlines. However wanting to put his skills towards helping people reach a sustainable future, Sam, with mentorship from his brother-in-law, who owned a solar PV installation company, decided to become a PV installer.
Believing in his ability to do great things in the solar industry, Sam got his solar ticket, which helped him to sub-contract to various other solar companies. Every day on the job he learnt keys aspects of the industry - from installing quality products and managing client relationships to running his own business.
In January 2012, Sam Gardel opened his own PV installation business and became the proud owner of Gardel Electrical, with the mission of bringing effective and efficient solutions within solar power installations to his clients. Sam combined his passion for solar PV with his love for Rugby league, by bringing some of his mates from the South Logan Magpies Rugby League club on to his installation team. This allowed Sam to incorporate the values of teamwork, respect, passion, discipline, and above all else fair sportsmanship from his rugby league playing into his PV business. 

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