SolarEdge Product Warranty Program

SolarEdge includes a 25 year warranty for power optimizers and a standard 12 year warranty for inverters, extendable to 20 or 25 years. We manage a rapid RMA process and generally ship a replacement unit within 48 hours at no cost, given the reported defect is eligible for coverage under the Limited Product Warranty.

The warranty extension is available with a one-time payment fee and must be purchased within 24 months of inverter shipment from SolarEdge.

Please see the below table for warranty extension fees based on the inverter's nameplate (ac) rating.

Prices start from:

Product Details
Inverter Size
Extension from 12 to 20
years Prices ($)
Extension from 12 to 25
years Prices ($)

HD-Wave Single Phase Inverter * < 4 kW

3KW, 3.8KW (1Ø)     120192

HD-Wave Single Phase Inverter 4 - 7.6 kW

5KW, 6KW, 7.6KW (1Ø)192307

Single Phase Inverter < 4 kW

3KW, 3.8KW (1Ø)240389

Single Phase Inverter 4 - 7.6 kW

5KW, 6KW, 7.6KW (1Ø)



Single Phase Inverter > 7.6 kW

10KW, 11.4KW (1Ø)



Three Phase 480v Inverter > 9 kW, ≤ 10 kW

10KW (3Ø)



Three Phase 480v Inverter > 15 kW, ≤ 20 kW

20KW (3Ø)



Three Phase 480v Inverter > 20 kW

33.3KW (3Ø)



Three Phase 208v Inverter  ≤ 9 kW

9KW (3Ø)450730

Three Phase 208v Inverter > 10 kW, ≤ 15 kW

14.4KW (3Ø)7141,164
Single Phase StorEdge InverterStorEdge 7.6KW7321,172
Warranty Extension For REVENUE GRADE (RGM) Inverters
Single Phase Inverter < 4 kW, with RGM3KW, 3.8KW (1Ø) with RGM415564
Single Phase Inverter 4 - 7.6 kW, with RGM5KW, 6KW, 7.6KW (1Ø) with RGM210336
Single Phase Inverter > 7.6 kW, with RGM10KW, 11.4KW (1Ø) with RGM635920
Single Phase StorEdge Inverter, with RGMStorEdge 7.6KW with RGM7741,239
* Warranty extensions not eligible for discount.