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Help Homeowners See and Save with The SolarEdge Energy Hub's Advanced Energy Monitoring

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Varsha Narasimhamurthy

Product Marketing Manager

December 16, 2020 Comments ()
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Help Homeowners See and Save with The SolarEdge Energy Hub's Advanced Energy Monitoring

“Setting up separate usage metering and monitoring for homeowners can be an expensive and complicated process on top of PV installations. However, with these functions already built-in, The SolarEdge Energy Hub will become the future standard for our business and so many others. We look forward to giving our customers the tools to easily reduce energy waste and lower monthly bills.” – Barry Cinnamon

More homeowners are scheduling solar installations for the savings and peace of mind that come with consuming renewable energy and less grid power. But the excitement of using sunshine to power the AC or heat, for example, can lead homeowners to let their guard down, and consume even more than they realize. 

No one in the household notices the expensive change in habits until the utility bill comes. And then you can expect the call.

The last thing any installer wants to deal with is an unhappy customer whose utility bills have “somehow” spiked. Especially in California, where many residents simply get one big true-up bill per year.  Look out.
To avoid customer dissatisfaction and bad online reviews, you find yourself doing everything in your power to help homeowners get a solid grip on their energy use:  juggling excessive service calls, performing unnecessary truck rolls, and even paying out-of-pocket appeasement costs.

Unfortunately, without 100% visibility into their daily or monthly usage habits, getting homeowners to “see the light” can be an extremely complicated and frustrating process. One that can last way too long and take up valuable time from your business.

That is where SolarEdge comes in.

With The SolarEdge Energy Hub’s built-in RGM and consumption monitoring, your customers will be able to finally see, know and save more than before.* 

Now, they can catch expensive household usage trends, before they materialize into high bills. That means increased customer satisfaction, more positive online reviews, and more time to focus on your pending jobs. 

And you can see what they see. Homeowners may not always notice when it is time for a change. But because you will have the same visibility, you can recommend future home upgrades – leading to more revenue for you and more savings for them.
Finally, because the consumption monitoring is built in, it is easier than ever to install and haul to the next gig—no external box. 
The bottom line? Enhance your business and help homeowners produce and consume clean energy, while minimizing their cost through innovative application monitoring. 

Ready to help homeowners know their energy inside out? Click here.


* CTs come installed in the SolarEdge Backup Interface, no need to run the wires to the SolarEdge Energy Hub. If you aren’t using the Backup Interface, you’ll only need to install CTs to activate consumption metering.

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Julius Celentano | May 02, 2021
I have a model # SE7600H-US000NNU2 inverter installed around 2 years ago. I believe this inverter does not come from the factory with energy monitoring capabilities. Can a module be added to the inverter to make it capable?
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| May 02, 2021
Yes, absolutely!
You should be able to install a separate energy meter to enable consumption monitoring for your system:

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