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Living and Driving Smarter with Solar EV Charging

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Varsha Narasimhamurthy

Product Marketing Manager

December 16, 2020 Comments ()
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Living and Driving Smarter with Solar EV Charging

With so many alternatives to get smarter about home energy management these days, it can take even the savviest of homeowners some time to settle on a solution that is right for them. 

That was the case for a homeowner in Laguna Beach, CA. who is an owner of two EVs, and had become frustrated with the slow speed of their home EV charger. Without the added benefit of solar integration, monthly utility bills were too high.

It was time for a comprehensive smart energy solution that could address the entire household, and the two EVs.

As a trusted SolarEdge installer in the Southern California region, SolarRite quickly became a top contender to transform this home into a smart energy fueled lair with innovative EV charging solutions. After some collaboration with the SolarEdge team in Fremont, CA – they arrived at the right concept.

“This is when knowing SolarEdge has your back is key,” said SolarRite owner, Ashraf Naji. “From day one, as a partner installer, their engineers have been keen on helping me custom-fit solutions for homeowners with all types of structural and financial concerns. This instance was no different, except time was really short, with too much competition knocking. It looked like the other guys had the edge until the last minute, when we showed up with the concept of two solar inverters with integrated home EV charging solutions.”

For this homeowner, installing two inverters was the simplest way to ensure maximum solar production and usage for the household, while keeping both EVs charged up with fast, level 2 charging at all times. Because it was all accomplished in one visit, the homeowner avoided separate EV charger installation fees and electrical upgrades. 

Now, through the convenience of a single app, the homeowner can use smart scheduling to charge the vehicles during off peak hours – optimizing solar usage and reducing spending. Also, by implementing a home system that sources grid-power only during low-demand/low-peak hours, they are set to save big on bills over time and enhance their property value.

Learn more about driving savings with home EV charging from SolarEdge.

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