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Extract More Energy from Existing Solar Systems with SolarEdge Power Optimisers

Many installed PV systems underperform over the course of their lifetimes due to a variety of factors, costing the system owner in lost energy and revenue. By adding SolarEdge power optimisers to an existing system, you’re providing MPP tracking for each individual panel, ensuring that each panel is performing to its maximum capability regardless of other panels in the string.

For existing systems suffering from mismatch-related power losses, SolarEdge offers multiple retrofit solutions to ensure optimal energy production.



Option 1: Panel-Level Power Optimisation

Add a power optimiser to each panel for added energy through panel-level MPPT. There is no need for additional hardware or inverter replacement.

Safety and Monitoring Interface for Large Scale Installations

Option 2: Smart Panels

In addition to SolarEdge power optimisers, install the SolarEdge Safety and Monitoring Interface to enable:

  • Added energy through panel-level MPPT
  • Enhanced maintenance through panel-level monitoring
  • Automatic panel-level DC safety


SolarEdge Key

SolarEdge Retrofit Products

  • Power optimiser –  with independent optimisation technology IndOP™
  • Safety and Monitoring Interface – for panel-level monitoring and safety of retrofitted systems
  • SolarEdge Key – commissioning tool that is used to enable SolarEdge power optimisers to work with non-SolarEdge inverters without installing any additional hardware


Monitoring Safe DC