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What is Designer?

Designer is a free web-based tool that helps solar professionals like yourself lower PV design costs and close more deals. Use the online tool to plan, build and validate your SolarEdge residential and commercial systems from inception to installation.

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Save Time and Money

  • Free for use - no license or subscription fees required
  • Supports satellite or custom site imagery – no need for a site visit prior to initial design
  • Streamlined design process, with automatic stringing and instant design validation
  • Seamless export of the site layout to the SolarEdge monitoring platform
  • Easy project sharing between different stakeholders


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Close More Deals

  • Impress your customers with a visually attractive 3D simulation of their site
  • Make quick, on-the-fly design modifications based on system owner feedback
  • Place modules using the irradiance map, for optimal energy production over the system lifetime
  • Offer compelling customer proposals with comprehensive reports and accurate energy simulations, independently evaluated by DNV GL


More than

1 Million

sites planned with Designer


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Enjoy a Modern Intuitive Platform

  • Clean, interactive, graphical interface
  • Web-based access from any Mac or PC
  • Multi-user access to your Designer account for easy project collaboration
  • Automatic upgrades — no need to install new versions or download datasets
Enjoy a Modern Intuitive Platform

Residential PV Design

Designer includes a number of features to optimize your residential system design:

  • Customized project design based on homeowner’s electricity usage patterns, for maximized self-consumption
  • Integrated support for the StorEdge solution, including self-consumption calculations
  • Maximized roof utilization, with easy solar module placement
  • Comprehensive report summary, showing residential customers the bill of materials and estimated monthly energy performance
Residential System Design image

Commercial System Design

Use these key Designer features for faster and easier commercial solar design:

  • Maximize system self-consumption using relevant commercial load profiles representing typical consumption patterns
  • With one click, Designer automatically completes the string design according to SolarEdge design rules
  • Duplicate wired blocks of modules for faster system design, easily and quickly multiplying your system size
  • Use the shading analysis to reveal any irradiance and electrical losses, and adjust your design accordingly
Commercial System Design image