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Genesis Enhancement Pack

Upgrade your SolarEdge Genesis inverter to see more of your solar performance! Enjoy satellite-based performance (*) tracking which compares your system production with localised irradiance (sun power levels) to evaluate your energy yields over time, via the SolarEdge monitoring portal(**)

(*) Service requires panel level visibility. Genesis customers will receive a free of charge panel level access for the life of the system.

(**) Satellite-based performance tracking is available only on the desktop based Monitoring portal. It is not available via the mySolarEdge app. Panel level monitoring is available on desktop and the mySolarEdge app.


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Genesis Enhancement Pack

A PV system’s performance ratio (PR) is the ratio between actual production of a PV system and received solar irradiation on-site, and is used to evaluate system performance.

SolarEdge has teamed up with Solargis, a solar energy assessment service, to provide Satellite-Based PR for SolarEdge PV systems, offering reliable, easily viewable data via the SolarEdge monitoring platform.


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Satellite Based PR


How long will customers have access to panel-level monitoring and satellite base performance tracking as part of the Genesis Enhancement Pack?

  • Panel level monitoring will be available for the life of the system (or 25 years).
  • Satellite-based performance tracking will be available for one year.

What is the price?

$295 inc. GST

When can the customer upgrade to the Genesis Enhancement Pack?

The Pack is available for an upgrade after installation and will require the customer’s name, Monitoring Site ID, site address and email address.

How long does it take to activate the panel level monitoring and Satellite-based performance tracking functionality?

  • Panel level monitoring will be active on the homeowner’s mySolarEdge app within 10 business days.
  • Satellite-based performance tracking will be available on the homeowner’s desktop within 10 business days (note: this feature is not managed through the mySolarEdge app).

Will I need to upgrade the HD-Wave Genesis inverter if it is installed on a site with another inverter with full monitoring such as the Energy Hub?

Yes, the Genesis Enhancement Pack will need to be purchased to enable panel level view.

If there are more than one HD-Wave Genesis inverters installed on a site, do I only have to pay the one Genesis Enhancement Pack Upgrade fee?

Yes, multiple HD-Wave Genesis inverters onsite will be upgraded the Genesis Enhancement Pack applies to the site, not the individual inverter.