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MySolarEdge hero banner

mySolarEdge mobile app for system owners

Easily track your real-time system production and household energy consumption, keeping you in control of your energy usage and savings


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MySolarEdge mobile app for system owners

Connect to your SolarEdge system anytime, anywhere

  • Gain real-time visibility into your energy use and production
  • Compare today’s production to past measurements and share with family and friends
  • Track your system’s performance with mobile-optimized features
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Control your smart home devices on-the-go

  • Control home appliances remotely
  • Set smart schedules to maximize your energy savings
  • Manage your EV charging from anywhere
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Monitor your system's health and communication status

  • View solar inverter status for quick and easy troubleshooting, if needed
  • Set-up inverter communication and routinely change your Wi-Fi network or password
  • Contact SolarEdge support
Monitor your system's health, view solar inverter status and set inverter communication
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Getting started with the mySolarEdge app

1. Download mySolarEdge for free on iPhone or Android

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2. Log-in to mySolarEdge


Existing SolarEdge monitoring users

Log-in to the app using your existing SolarEdge monitoring username and password. If you can’t remember you login credentials, please contact your installer.

Don’t have a SolarEdge monitoring account yet?

Please contact your installer to set up your account.

Getting started with the mySolarEdge app

Learn How to Use mySolarEdge:

mySolarEdge overview and first log-In

Checking the inverter status using mySolarEdge

Configuring the inverter communication