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App Does Not Display Production Data

  • Communication with SolarEdge servers allows you to monitor your system, production data, battery, and smart devices if available, all through the mySolarEdge app.
  • The data is usually updated every 15 minutes.
  • You may see the last update on your app dashboard.
  • You can also check the “Last Updated” field on the Site Details page

      If the data is not up to date, try the following         
      troubleshooting steps:

  1. Did you ever view production data of your system

    if production data was never visible before, please contact your
    installer to check the inverter communication.

    If the data was last updated more them 24 hours ago, please check the system communication as shown in the next step:
  2. Checking inverter communication

    For inverter without an LCD display:

    Refer to this article.
    Check the LED indicators on your inverter, as follows:

    Check the blue LED: when it is on, the system is communicating (sending data to mySolarEdge and the monitoring platform)

    For inverter with an LCD display:

    Press and quickly release the green button until the server screen is displayed

    S_OK indicates that the system is communicating
    If the inverter is not communicating, and still data is not displayed, contact your installer.

    If the inverter is communicating:

  3. Check your router settings

    Verify that your router is on and connected.

    Did you recently change your router or router password?
    If so, please update your password. Read this article, or watch this video for detailed instructions.
  4.  Resetting the router

    If all the above didn’t help, reset your router.

  5. Check the inverter communication again as described in step 2

If you are still experiencing communication issues, please contact your installer.


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