Ground-Mounted Solar

Break new grounds for higher returns

77.52MW Tainan City Taiwan installed by Shinfox

Ground Mounts

Break new grounds for higher returns

Utilize available land to increase return on investment over your project’s lifetime even on tough ground conditions such as sloped, uneven or rocky terrains.
Maximize energy production, optimize maintenance expenses, and enhance safety and cybersecurity of ground-mounted solar sites.

Higher long-term yields

SolarEdge MLPE technology is designed to generate more energy over the system’s lifetime as compared to traditional string technology. It reduces energy losses due to soiling and shading, delivering increased yields even on challenging terrains at ground-mounted solar sites.

Larger installed capacity

Reduce Balance of System (BoS) expenses with SolarEdge’s robust design, suitability for various locations, angles and orientations, and capability to support longer and varying string lengths. This creates opportunities even on degraded or contaminated land, despite the higher cost of land development.

Simpler O&M

Module-level monitoring enhances visibility into the performance of each panel. It also includes fault detection alerts for simplified remote O&M, reducing the need for onsite visits and increasing system uptime.

The PV safety benchmark

Our robust, multilayered safety suite, aligned with global standards, includes Safe DC™, AFCI, temperature sensing and surge protection. These provide extensive defense against both power interruptions and safety risks.

6.6MW Windach, Germany_installed by Feneco

6.6MW Windach, Germany installed by Feneco

6.6MW Windach, Germany_installed by Feneco

6.6MW Windach, Germany installed by Feneco

The SolarEdge solution for ground-mounted solar installations includes PV energy harvesting, tracking and management—all from a single vendor, to maximize profitability.

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