Community Solar

Powering profits, empowering communities 

6.2MW Hartford Pike Rhode Island USA installed by Sunlight General

Community Solar

Powering profits, empowering communities 

Leverage the benefits of the SolarEdge Solution for Community Solar installations, especially in irregularly shaped sites or sharp slopes and angles where traditional PV systems might limit the availability of a suitable location. 
Get higher yields in the long run, minimize maintenance expenses, and enhance safety.

Earn more from challenging terrains

Generate up to 10% more energy   over the system’s lifetime, compared to traditional string technology, by allowing for the installation of more panels and higher energy output per panel. This enhances the financial viability of challenging community solar site conditions such as slopes, uneven or rocky terrains.


Granular monitoring for simpler O&M

Gain high visibility into each panel’s performance, with fault detection alerts for remote troubleshooting, reducing site visits, saving O&M costs and increasing system uptime.


Streamline continuous and secure operations

SolarEdge’s safety and cybersecurity suite meets global standards with arc-fault detection and prevention, temperature sensing, and surge protection. It is designed to safeguard against risks to individuals, equipment, and data integrity, while reducing power interruptions.


Your gateway to sustainability

The more solar you generate the more emissions you reduce. Move closer to reaching the sustainability goals of the community, while benefitting from country-specific renewable incentives.


SolarEdge's solution for Community Solar installations includes PV energy harvesting, tracking and management—all from a single vendor for maximized profitability.

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