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Verifying Inverter Status

To verify inverter production and communication:

  1. Enter the app menu

  2. Click inverter status

  3. You can connect to your inverter by scanning the QR code with your phone's camera. If you are connecting to a previously used inverter, click "continue with the last scanned QR code" instead of rescanning the same code.

  4. If you are unable to scan the QR code, you can insert the inverter connection details manually by clicking the link at the bottom.

Connecting to your SolarEdge inverter

  1. As outlined in the app, move the red ON/OFF/P switch to the 'P' position and quickly release it.

  2. Upon connection, you will be able to see your inverter’s production information.

  3. Click test to verify communication with the SolarEdge server.

  4. If your installer requests additional information or support, use the "Advanced Installer View" option.

Should you require further assistance, we recommend that you contact your installer.

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