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SetApp Enabled Inverters Firmware Updates

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Version Date November 2019

This version includes: 







Single Phase Inverter with HD-Wave Technology 4.7.26 1.0.756 2.0.704 1.40 N/A
Single Phase Inverter with Compact Technology 4.7.26 1.0.827 2.1.247 N/A N/A
Three Phase Residential Inverter (up to 17kW) 4.7.26 1.13.1541 2.19.1314 N/A 2.2.55
Three Phase Commercial inverter (>17kW-33.3kW) 4.7.26 1.13.1541 2.19.1314 N/A N/A
Three Phase Inverter with Synergy Technology (43.4kW-100kW) 4.7.26 1.13.1541


Devices' firmware

Device CPU Version
Energy Meter N/A 0.71
Smart energy hot water 3.10031 0.12.97

Battery firmware

Part ID Version
LG DCDC 5010, 7010 7.4.8
LG BMS 100 1.7.1

Applications versions

Product IOS Android
SetApp 2.3.3 2.3.3
Monitoring App 3.7.5 3.7.5

Version Information:

These firmware versions were released to SetApp packages on November 11th 2019 for all SolarEdge SetApp enabled inverters. To verify the version is updated on the inverter after the upgrade process, connect with SetApp to the inverter and verify the firmware versions in the Information screen match the table above.

Note: Improvements included in this version will apply only after the version is updated on the inverter. This requires connecting to the inverter's Wi-Fi and performing an upgrade.


Release Notes

New Features & Enhancements

  • Reduced firmware upgrade time
  • For USA installations – Extended cellular support to include Cat-M1 (LTE) Modem
  • Added new languages:
    • Portuguese
    • Polish
    • Hungarian



  • In AC coupled installations, the monitoring dashboard may not show the external production (3rd party or SolarEdge) data
  • StorEdge battery self-test fails when state of energy (SoE) <= 10%
    * Note: The battery self-test still fails when SoE = 100%
  • Following factory reset, error 3x2 may appear


Known Issues

  • On rare occasions, the router's subnet IP 172.16.X.X can't be used as the static IP
    Workaround: Please use another subnet IP for the router
  • SetApp error 400 - unable to use SetApp / URL
    Workaround: Contact SolarEdge support
  • Decimal point or minus sign in screens requiring numerical entry (e.g. set CosPhi) cannot be set in some Android phones
    Workaround: Perform one of the following options:
    • Switch the phone's keyboard to Gboard
    • Use voice typing
    • Copy & paste the required value from a different app
  • Modbus read command fails 10 seconds after setting grid protection via API
    Workaround: Wait 15 seconds between setting the grid protection and Modbus read
  • When system is in Standby mode and pairing procedure starts, pairing screen does not appear (pairing is performed, but pairing indication is missing)
    Workaround: None required, this is a display issue only, the feature is working properly
  • When trying to change CT rating after CT was locked a wrong message will be displayed: error 500: ‘inverter encountered an error' instead of error 403: ‘CT rating is locked, please contact support’
    Workaround: None required, this is a display issue only, the feature is working properly
  • StorEdge battery self-test fails when state of energy (SoE) = 100%
    ** Note: The battery self-test now works also when SoE <= 10%
  • Workaround: To perform the test, the battery SoE must be < 100%
  • For installations with smart energy products – setting a minimal power value in the monitoring app for smart energy device operation is not a mandatory configuration when setting excess PV usage. This may lead to importing power from the grid.
    Workaround: Verify the rated power is configured for each Smart Energy device which is enabled for excess PV
  • CosPhi shows wrong value during pairing on SetApp
    Workaround: None required, there is no meaning for CosPhi during pairing
  • Server Comm. Test: internet Link (could be all of the tests) is tested via the Wi-Fi interface even if stream server is configured to LAN
    Workaround: Disregard Internet Link tests results (regard monitoring link and S_OK in the communication test