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SetApp Enabled Inverters Firmware Updates

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Firmware Updates

Version Date - August 2021

Firmware for the SetApp enabled inverter as well as supported devices and batteries was released in August 2021. Here are the details:

Inverters’ firmware

The CPU version for all SetApp enabled inverters is 4.13.40.

Devices' firmware

Device Type Version
Smart EV Charger CPU
Energy Meter CPU 0.74
Backup Interface CPU 0.1.47
Smart Energy Hot Water CPU

Battery firmware

Part ID Version
5010, 7010
5020, 7020
LG BMS 100 1.4.6

Verifying the Correct Firmware Version

These firmware versions were released to SetApp packages on August 2021 for all SolarEdge SetApp enabled devices. To verify the version is updated on the device after the upgrade process, connect with SetApp to the device, and verify the firmware versions match the tables above (or show higher versions).
Improvements included in this version will apply only after the version is updated on the device. This requires connecting to the device's Wi-Fi and upgrading the firmware.


Release Notes

New Features & Enhancements

  • The StorEdge Single Phase Inverter with HD-Wave Technology and HD-Wave inverter with an external SESTI-S4 (SolarEdge StorEdge Interface) now support the LG RESU10H Prime and RESU16H Prime batteries.
    Supported configuration: Up-to 2 batteries connected to each inverter for double capacity
    StorEdge inverter can be AC coupled to PV only inverter and up to 2 additional StorEdge inverters.
  • The Batteries Charge from grid menu was removed to prevent configuration mistakes, and the default remains enabled.
  • A new meter status screen was added. This screen includes per phase power flow direction:

    SetApp Enabled Inverters Firmware Updates

    Note: The energy counter is displayed in the meter sections of the main Status screen.
  • Three phase inverter with synergy technology now support per unit DC information via SunSpec MPPT model 160 open standards, more details can be found in the Technical Note – SunSpec Logging in SolarEdge Inverters
  • New DC/AC SPD kit menus were added to enable the installation and configuration of the SPD kit in Three Phase inverters 25-40kW. Now you can enable notifications regarding its status.
  • Changed country grid code names:
    Country grid code New country grid name Previous country grid name
    102 Japan 380V 50Hz Japan MV 420V 50Hz
    103 Japan 380V 60Hz Japan MV 440V 60Hz
    164 Korea Low DC FGrid1 Korea low DC
    190 Japan MV 420V 50Hz Japan 420V 50Hz
    191 Japan MV 440V 60Hz Japan 440V 60Hz

Resolved issues

  • In SetApp, the RESU10H Prime battery was displayed as RESU16H Prime.
  • In some cases, the LG Prime batteries automatic battery upgrade failed.
  • In rare cases, the inverter ceased backup production for less than 15 seconds.
  • In some cases, in sites with zero export configuration, responses to load switching could have been delayed for approximately 60 seconds.

Known Issues

  • During backup operation, on rare occasions, the inverter may restart and resume providing backup power within two minutes.
  • Per phase current is displayed in the new meter status screen as total value while power is displayed as active power.