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SetApp Enabled Inverters Firmware Updates

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Version Date October 2020

This version includes:

Inverters’ firmware

Inverter CPU
Single Phase Inverters with HD-Wave Technology 4.10.25
Single Phase Energy Hub Inverter with Prism Technology 4.10.25
Single Phase Inverter with Compact Technology 4.10.25
Three Phase Inverter (up to 33.3kW) 4.10.25
Three Phase Inverter with Synergy Technology (43.4kW-100kW) 4.10.25
StorEdge Three Phase Inverter 4.11.18


Devices' firmware

Device CPU Controller
Smart EV Charger 4.10.25 2.2.8
Energy Meter N/A 0.74
Smart energy hot water 3.10041 0.12.97
Backup Interface N/A 0.1.47

Battery firmware

Part ID Version
LG DCDC 5010, 7010
5020, 7020
LG BMS 100 1.4.6

Version Information:

These firmware versions were released to SetApp packages on October 2020 for all SolarEdge SetApp enabled devices. To verify the version is updated on the device after the upgrade process, connect with SetApp to the device, and verify the firmware versions in the Information screen match the tables above (or shows higher versions).

Note: Improvements included in this version will apply only after the version is updated on the device. This requires connecting to the device's Wi-Fi and performing an upgrade.


Release Notes

New Features & Enhancements

  • Added display of DC power and current measurements via SetApp’s Status screen for commercial inverters. Inverters with synergy technology will display the measurements per unit.
  • Support S0 consumption meter
  • Support wireless gateway for wireless communication between SolarEdge inverters and the monitoring platform. Read more about the wireless gateway at:
  • For North America installations – enhanced circuit breaker trip protection in installations with smart EV charger and a battery both connected to the energy hub inverter. In cases where EV and battery are charging from the grid simultaneously, the charging levels of each device are reduced to prevent the inverter's circuit breaker tripping.
  • For Australia installations
    • Enhanced phase balancer for system installations comprised of multiple single phase inverters with power output of 5kW and above on 2-phase or 3-phase grids
    • New Country grid codes:
      • Australia VIC
      • Australia Essential Energy
      • Australia Ausgrid
      • Australia Endeavour Energy
      • Australia SAPN
      • Australia Horizon Power
      • Australia Evoenergy


  • ESS Operation Mode menu item may appear in the Energy Manager screen in locations where this is not required (non-U.S. locations)
  • When reactive power mode is set to ‘Q’, the ‘Cos Phi’ status in the Status screen might show NA
  • For North America installations - inverters with built-in consumption metering, changing the meter function setting might not be applied on the first attempt
  • When manually turning-on Smart Energy device that is configured to a lower excess PV priority, can result in another Smart Energy device with higher excess PV priority increase its power
  • False communication error 3x2 when there’s an LTE cellular connection

Known Issues

  • For StorEdge installation, in case of TOU profile change from SetApp, the new settings may not be reflected in the monitoring platform.
    Workaround: Re-apply the TOU profile from the monitoring platform
  • In installations with S0 meter, the monitoring platform charts may present power telemetries that fluctuate by ~50W.
    Workaround: The fluctuations do not affect the meter accuracy; users can disregard the spikes in the chart.
  • For North America installations - inverters with built-in consumption metering:
  • Changing the meter function setting might not be applied on the first attempt
  • The CT rating might receive a value different from its default upon connection
    Workaround: Set the meter function again
  • In sites with three phase StorEdge inverter, the low voltage battery connected via CAN bus, might appear in SetApp under the Modbus devices
  • While performing a battery test in StorEdge installations, a test-in-progress icon can appear after the test results were already received
  • When the inverter is in alternative power source (APS) mode, pairing cannot be performed
  • In case of a communication issue between the leader inverter and its follower(s), the follower inverter’s RRCR value will reset
  • CosPhi shows wrong value during pairing on SetApp
    Workaround: There is no meaning for CosPhi during pairing
  • If smart energy device status is manually changed while the AC is disconnected from the inverter, when the inverter’s AC is restored, it will restore the smart energy device state as before the AC disconnection.
    Workaround: Manually change the smart energy device state if needed
  • When resetting the inverter energy counters, ‘This Year’ value doesn’t reset.
  • Inverter without HD-Wave technology temperature shows 0 when in standby mode
    Workaround: In standby mode, there is no production, thus temperature sensing is not relevant