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SetApp Enabled Inverters Firmware Updates

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Version Date April 2021

This version includes:

Inverters’ firmware

The CPU version for all SetApp enabled inverters is 4.12.28

Devices' firmware

Device Type Version
Smart EV Charger CPU
Energy Meter CPU 0.74
Backup Interface CPU 0.1.47
Smart Energy Hot Water CPU

Battery firmware

Part ID Version
5010, 7010
5020, 7020
LG BMS 100 1.4.6

Version Information:

These firmware versions were released to SetApp packages on April 2021 for all SolarEdge SetApp enabled devices. To verify the version is updated on the device after the upgrade process, connect with SetApp to the device, and verify the firmware versions in the Information screen match the tables above (or shows higher versions).

Note: Improvements included in this version will apply only after the version is updated on the device. This requires connecting to the device's Wi-Fi and performing an upgrade.


Release Notes

New Features & Enhancements

  • Pre-Commissioning for Three Phase Synergy 120k inverters (requires SetApp version 2.8.7+):
    • Allow inverter commissioning and DC installation testing before AC available on site
    • Streamline the commissioning process
    • Early-stage fault detection and resolution
    • Minimize time to revenue - enable deploying systems faster
      Pre-Commissioning for Three Phase Synergy 120k inverters
    • Central Commissioning for Three Phase inverters (requires SetApp version 2.8.7+)
      • Configure the leader inverter and apply its settings to all follower inverters connected to it 
      • Streamlined commissioning process for multi-inverter installations
      • Shorten commissioning time by up to 30 minutes per follower
      • Reduces configuration errors and ensures all inverters are aligned to the same settings
      • Important notes:
        • Supports country, power control, grid protection and Modbus ID settings as well as pairing to all follower inverters with same PN as the leader
        • Doesn’t include StorEdge settings
          Central Commissioning for Three Phase inverters
      • StorEdge Single Phase Inverter with Integrated Export and Import meter support.     Pre-activated meter included in the inverter for faster and simplified installation, requires only single external CT.
      • Added GREENROCK battery to Three Phase StorEdge inverters batteries list for BENELUX country grids only.
      • Added total DC current & power via SunSpec inverter model to Synergy inverters
      • New Country grid codes:
        • Japan 420V 50Hz (190) 
        • Japan 440V 60Hz (191)
      • Multi inverter support for Three Phase StorEdge inverters
      • EVSE control over Modbus support via SolarEdge grid services
      • Removed option to disable grid charge


Resolved issues

  • Default meters settings for multi inverter sites:
    • All inverters’ meters are set to production-only by default
    • Backup Interface meter is set to E/I-meter by default
    • Installer can change the settings manually when connected to the inverter
  • After Factory Reset of Smart EV Charger, "Inverter not activated" message appeared in SetApp
  • Battery configured on CAN Bus is counted in Modbus device summary
  • Inverter temperature shows 0 when in standby mode
  • Alternative Power Source P(f) mode settings support


Known Issues


  • When the Three Phase Synergy 120k inverter is solar powered, Power Bank re-connect is not detected (after it was disconnected)
    Workaround: If Power Bank is needed, turn-off the inverter (P-Switch to '0' and/or DC-Switch to '0'), after DC voltage is low connect the Power Bank to the Three Phase Synergy inverter.


Central Commissioning

  • In rare cases, follower detect may not detect all followers within 2 minutes
    Workaround: Follow the displayed instructions: "If all Followers were detected, tap ‘Continue’. If not, make sure the RS485 is wired properly to all Follower inverters and tap ‘Detect Follower’”.
  • In rare cases the progress bar shows longer duration than actual


Multi-Inverter Backup support

  • All inverters on site must have PV connected to them
  • Battery configuration and self-test, Backup Reserve and Energy Manager Mode needs to be set on each Energy Hub inverter