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How the New Synergy Commercial Solar Inverters Make Your Life Easier

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Udi Segev

Director of Product Management, Commercial Systems

June 16, 2021 Comments ()
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How the New Synergy Commercial Solar Inverters Make Your Life Easier

Ever since we first launched SolarEdge’s Three Phase Inverter with Synergy Technology, our goal has been to facilitate more powerful and scalable commercial PV systems with easier installations and serviceability.

Three Phase Inverter with Synergy Technology up to 120kW

The all-new Three-Phase Inverter with Synergy Technology: Our highest capacity commercial solar inverter with up to 150% oversizing

Now we’re building on the success of the Synergy architecture to launch a new series of powerful commercial solar inverters for PV installations. They’re not only higher power– up to 120kW – they’re also much lighter and therefore easier to install. We’ve also included some pretty exciting new features.


Easier Installation Plus Pre-Commissioning 

The new SolarEdge Three Phase Inverter with Synergy Technology up to 120kW is designed to make your life easier. Our lightweight, modular configuration enables easy two-person installation – no heavy machinery required.

Imagine validating your PV installation right from your smartphone in real-time! Now it’s possible with our innovative pre-commissioning feature. It enables installers to get a clear view of the site installation and generate a progress report from their mobile device. This way, they can automatically identify and resolve any wiring, communication, isolation, or DC polarity issues long before the system is connected to the grid.

So now you can validate before you activate!


Maximized system performance

We know that scalability matters in commercial solar. That’s why we’ve increased the Synergy commercial solar inverter’s power, up to 120kW for a 480V grid with 150% inverter oversizing to allow higher DC capacity. To increase system uptime, the three identical Synergy units work independently from each other. If one unit requires servicing, the others will keep working and producing energy. Last, but not least, we’ve integrated nighttime Potential Induced Degradation (PID) rectifier to mitigate module performance degradation and keep PV production at its maximum without added external devices.


New, enhanced system safety mechanisms

SolarEdge is continuously at the forefront of PV safety, and our new Synergy inverter is no exception! We’ve already demonstrated that safety is at our core with SolarEdge’s holistic approach, through our built-in SafeDCTM feature, integrated arc fault protection, module-level monitoring, and more. Now, we’ve added a few new innovative features to the Synergy inverter to make commercial PV systems even safer, including:

  • Abnormal temperature detection at the AC and DC terminal blocks using thermal sensors
  • Built-in type 2 DC (optional AC) surge protection devices (SPD), to better withstand electrical surges that are also monitored and field replaceable. In case of an event, an alert is automatically sent via the SolarEdge Monitoring Platform to replace the SPD, keeping the system safe at all times.
  • Optional rapid shutdown


Want to learn more about the new Three-Phase Synergy commercial solar inverter? Visit our webpage.

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