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StorEdge® Products for On-Grid Applications

Homeowners can increase their energy independence and savings by storing excess solar production on a battery for use when needed, day or night. Battery storage helps meet household energy demands, resulting in less or cheaper electricity purchased from the grid.

SolarEdge's StorEdge on-grid solutions are compatible with high voltage LG Chem RESU batteries

Battery storage

StorEdge Interface

Designed for new StorEdge installations or to upgrade existing SolarEdge systems to the StorEdge on-grid solution. The StorEdge interface supports simple installation and connection of the high voltage storage battery and SolarEdge energy meter to the SolarEdge inverter. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor installations, and includes a 10-year standard warranty.

StorEdge Interface image

StorEdge AC Coupled Single Phase Inverter, with HD-Wave Technology

Designed to upgrade existing installations of SolarEdge three phase inverters or third-party inverters to the StorEdge on-grid solution. The SolarEdge AC coupled inverter handles battery charging only, and doesn’t work with power optimisers or as a standard solar inverter.

Includes a 12-year standard warranty extendable to up to 25 years. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor installations, and is available in 3.68kW and 5kW models.

Single Phase Inverter with HD-Wave technology image

Energy Meter with Modbus Connection

The energy meter is used for monitoring system production and consumption readings, and is required for self-consumption management. Easy to install, it fits in standard electrical panels and includes a 5-year standard warranty.

Energy Meter with Modbus Connection image