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ZigBee® Gateway Kit

The ZigBee gateway kit uses the ZigBee network to wirelessly connect any SolarEdge inverter to the internet through the homeowner’s router.

Wi-Fi Plug-in

The Wi-Fi plug-in enables wireless communication between the SolarEdge inverter and any Wi-Fi router.

Cellular Plug-in with Data Plan

The cellular plug-in provides wireless communication between the inverter and the SolarEdge monitoring platform.

Commercial Gateway

The commercial gateway is an all-in-one communication gateway, expanding the SolarEdge system’s monitoring and control capabilities.

Firefighter Gateway

The firefighter gateway provides centralised safety management of SolarEdge systems.

RS485 Plug-in

The RS485 plug-in provides an additional RS485 port for enhanced communications.

Surge Protection Device Plug-in

Lightning and other surge events are unpredictable and can destroy an unprotected inverter in a moment.