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SolarEdge Home Network

Enables wireless communication between SolarEdge system devices, for fast, easy and clean installations.

Wireless Gateway

Enables continuous wireless communication between SolarEdge residential inverters and the monitoring platform, unaffected by home network changes. Easily installed and configured, it provides extended wireless range by adding up to two SolarEdge repeaters.

Commercial Gateway

The commercial gateway is an all-in-one communication gateway, expanding the SolarEdge system’s monitoring and control capabilities.

Firefighter Gateway

The firefighter gateway provides centralised safety management of SolarEdge systems.

Surge Protection Device Plug-in

Lightning and other surge events are unpredictable and can destroy an unprotected inverter in a moment.

Antenna for Wi-Fi and ZigBee® Communications

The external antenna is used to wirelessly connect SetApp-enabled SolarEdge inverters to the monitoring platform or to smart energy products.