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Surge Protection Device Plug-in

Lightning and other surge events are unpredictable and can destroy an unprotected inverter in a moment. The surge protection device (SPD) plug-in is designed to protect both RS485 communication buses of SetApp-enabled three phase inverters(1) in cases where surge events might occur.

Small and inexpensive, this SPD easily snaps into the inverter’s RS485 terminal block via the 6-pin connector. It’s also ideal for existing installations, as it can be connected without having to redo the RS485 wiring.

The SPD plug-in meets the IEC 61643-21 and EN 61643-21 standards, and has shown the ability to withstand multiple surge events during testing.


(1) Excluding three phase inverters SE5K-SE8K and three phase inverters with synergy technology

Key Benefits:

  • Cost-efficient solution for protecting inverter’s RS485 communication lines
  • Easily added to existing installations without rewiring
  • Designed to withstand lightning and other surge events
  • Ships five plug-ins to a box


SPD image