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SolarEdge Key

The SolarEdge Key is a service tool that enables power optimisers with independent optimisation technology (IndOP™) to work with non-SolarEdge inverters without installation of an additional interface.

To ensure safe voltage during installation, all SolarEdge power optimisers are provided with the SafeDC™ feature enabled. When connected to a PV panel, these power optimisers output a safe voltage of 1VDC until they are paired either with a SolarEdge inverter, or with the SolarEdge Safety & Monitoring Interface, and until power production has started.

When connecting PV strings with power optimisers directly to a nonSolarEdge inverter without a Safety and Monitoring Interface, SafeDC must be disabled by the SolarEdge Key before connecting the string to the inverter.

SolarEdge Key Scenarios

Key Benefits:

  • Fast, one time commissioning per string
  • Can be used to enable safety voltage for the power optimisers during maintenance or other instances when DC safety on the roof is desired
  • A portable and rugged handheld tool
  • Can be used in multiple installations


SolarEdge Key