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Solar energy systems include PV panels and inverters. Traditional string inverters have a number of significant drawbacks. SolarEdge DC optimised inverters overcome these traditional concerns to offer more energy, better maintenance, and enhanced safety.

More Energy

Traditional Inverter

  • MPPT per entire string - all panels receive the same current, regardless of their individual MPP
  • Weak panels reduce the performance of all panels in the string or are bypassed
  • Power losses due to panel mismatch

SolarEdge Solution

  • MPPT per panel - current & voltage adjusted per panel
  • Maximum power from each panel individually
  • 2%-25% more energy from the PV system


Constraint-Free Design

Power optimisers enable installation of:

  • Strings of uneven lengths

  • Panels in multiple orientations and different roof facets in a single string

  • Panels in shaded areas

More panels on the roof

More power, More revenue & More aesthetic


Cost-Saving Maintenance

Panel-level performance monitoring & remote maintenance lead to:

  • Less trips to site

  • Less time spent on site

  • Higher system uptime

Free panel-level monitoring for system lifetime

Real-time full insight to system from anywhere

  • Easy access via web browser and mobile device

Enhanced Safety – SafeDC™

  • With SolarEdge, whenever AC power is off, DC wires are de-energised

  • Power optimisers shut down the DC voltage in the PV wires to protect installers, maintenance personnel, and firefighters

  • The SolarEdge inverter solution meets the advanced European safety standards

SolarEdge inverters are certified to IEC 60947 as a disconnection means between a PV inverter and a PV generator, and to VDE 2100-712 for safety for firefighting or maintenance.


Find out more about our StorEdge™ solution.


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