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Retrofit Solution


Is your PV system under-performing? Is your existing inverter out of warranty? Retrofit to a SolarEdge system to retrieve your lost energy and gain panel-level monitoring and DC safety in a simple and cost-effective installation. 

Why Retrofit?

Many installed PV systems under-perform over the course of their lifetimes, costing the system owner in lost energy and revenue. While the performance ratio of PV systems, which is the ratio between the theoretical and actual energy yield, has improved over the years, there are several factors which continue to cause energy loss due to panel mismatch.
Partial shading, uneven soiling, temperature variance, and manufacturing tolerances can all negatively impact the performance of the entire PV system as a result of the different maximum power points (MPP) of each panel in the array. The uneven aging rate of panels also continues to increase mismatch and reduces the return on investment of a PV system year after year.

Extract More Energy from Existing PV Systems with SolarEdge

Traditional string systems will lower output to the level of the lowest performing panel while the SolarEdge system mitigates mismatch losses through panel-level MPPT. SolarEdge power optimisers perform MPP tracking for each panel individually and therefore extract the maximum energy from every panel, regardless of other panels in the string.

The higher the mismatch between panels in a system, the greater the energy that can be retrieved by retrofitting it with a SolarEdge system.

Just Two Steps Away from a More Efficient and Reliable PV System

Retrofit to a SolarEdge system by replacing the existing inverter with a SolarEdge inverter and adding power optimisers to every panel on the roof. You’ll benefit from additional safety features and monitoring capabilities providing full visibility of system performance, showing exactly how much more energy your system is producing.

The SolarEdge Benefits

  • Cost effective installation as power optimisers require no additional communication or monitoring hardware
  • Built-in panel-level monitoring providing full visibility of system performance & remote troubleshooting via easily accessible cloud-based monitoring platform
  • PV array reduced to a safe DC voltage upon AC shut down during installation, maintenance, firefighting and other emergencies
  • Excellent reliability with a standard 12-year warranty for the inverter (extendable to 20 or 25 years) and 25 years for the power optimisers


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