SolarEdge Home Inline Meter

A highly accurate import/export, production and consumption metering solution that fits comfortably into standard electrical cabinets.

Key Benefits

This system offers continuous, real-time insights into household production and consumption patterns, operating around the clock. With integrated current transformers, installation becomes swift, cutting down on labour costs. The wireless communication with the inverter via SolarEdge Home Network streamlines the setup. Moreover, it ensures impressive accuracy levels of either ±1% or ±2%, depending on the grid connection mode. Its compact design conveniently fits into standard electrical cabinets, making it a practical and efficient choice for seamless integration.

Save Installation Time and Costs

By integrating with the SolarEdge Home Network platform, the Inline Meter enables wireless communication with SolarEdge inverters, avoiding the hassle of long RS485 cabling. Current transformers are built-in, eliminating the need to install them externally.

Why Meter?

Boost customer satisfaction: Metering provides homeowners with real-time insight into their energy usage, helping them save electricity costs and avoid bill shocks. That means fewer service calls and more referrals for your business.

Unlock additional upsell opportunities: Keep the revenue rolling by helping your customers understand when it’s time to add more solar or smart features like batteries, EV charging and smart energy devices.

Training & Education

Installing the SolarEdge Home Inline Meter

3:12 min

Configuring the SolarEdge Home Inline Meter

4:08 min

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