SolarEdge Home Battery 400V

The SolarEdge Home Battery 400V sets new standards for system efficiency, safety, and ease of use - making it an essential part of any SolarEdge residential installation.

Up to 94.5% round trip efficiency based on direct DC coupling

Year Warranty

Stack up to 3 batteries per inverter

Combine Solar and Storage

SolarEdge Home inverters allow a DC oversizing rate of up to 200% and a SolarEdge Home Battery provides an ideal storage option for housing all that excess power in both on-grid and backup* applications.

  • Highly efficient energy storage with up to 94.5% round trip efficiency
  • Any excess PV is stored directly in the battery thanks to our DC coupling technology
  • Designed to work with SolarEdge Home Hub and Wave Inverters – Single Phase for an optimal one-stop-shop solution
  • Multiple batteries stacking per inverter for increased system capacity

Our safest battery now UL9540A compliant

SolarEdge Home Battery 400V is one of the first residential batteries to pass the strictest UL9540A unit level test for fire safety hazards, allowing convenient indoor installations.

* Backup applications are subject to local regulations, require connections with the SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter – Single Phase and the SolarEdge Home Backup Interface

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A complete solution from roof to grid

Install the battery with our inverters, integrated Smart Modules with Power Optimizers and our growing family of smart energy devices. That means you'll have one single source for everything - products, warranty, support, training and system management.

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Designed for faster battery Installations

Simple plug & play installation is made even easier with wireless inverter-battery communication and quick commissioning using SetApp wizard, saving installation time and reducing messy wiring.

  • Flexible installation - wall or floor, indoor or outdoor
  • Streamlined ordering process with one source for service, warranty, software and training
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SolarEdge Home Battery 400V accessories

Additional accessories can be ordered separately:

  • Reusable lifting handles – required for lifting the battery into position during installation
  • (Optional) Floor stand kit – for floor-mounted battery installations
  • (Optional) MC4 parallel branch connectors – for connecting multiple batteries to each other
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Training & Education

SolarEdge Home Battery 400V Installations

05:00 min

Helpful Tools for Installers

Monitoring Platform

Track each individual module.

mySolarEdge App

Monitor real-time production and consumption.

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