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<p>Local and global news reporting how SolarEdge is repowering the future, everywhere.</p>

Concerns that recent global events would curb the UK retail and manufacturing industries’ appetites for green energy initiatives are proving to be unfounded. However, with the future still uncertain, Christelle Barnes, UK Country Manager at SolarEdge Technologies, examines the role that renewable energy, and solar in particular, can play in helping retailers and manufacturers cut costs and safeguard their businesses against future large-scale disruptions.


Preparing solar installations for the ‘extremely changeable’ British weather


<p>SolarEdge launches next-gen 120-kW inverter for commercial ground-mount segment. Providing more power and higher profitability in ground mount PV installations, the new SE120K for 480V grids maximizes energy production with up to 150% DC oversizing.</p>


Check out this week’s list of some of the newest announcements related to clean energy products.


SolarEdge is bringing its vision of increased energy sufficiency for UK homes a step closer with the introduction of its Smart Module series with integrated Power Optimizers.


SolarEdge launches Smart Modules with integrated Power Optimisers in UK.