Upgraded S-Series Power Optimizers from SolarEdge
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3 Reasons Why the S-Series Power Optimizers Are Just What We Need for 2022

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Nitsana Bellehsen

Content Writer

February 22, 2022 Comments ()
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3 Reasons Why the S-Series Power Optimizers Are Just What We Need for 2022

With the latest SolarEdge Power Optimizer release, we’ve added a few significant enhancements, including an industry gamechanger: patented technology that can prevent electric arcs from occurring.

Here are three reasons why the new SolarEdge S-Series Power Optimizers will make your day…

1. They raise the bar in PV innovation.

The ability to communicate with each panel sets SolarEdge technology apart, and with the S-Series, we have taken this one step further. SolarEdge Sense Connect patented technology is designed to detect abnormal temperature events in the connectors before they can become electric arcs. This added level of prevention sets a new standard for PV system operation, while also adding longevity to components.

2. The S-Series S’s: Smart. Simple. Safe.

Each of the S-Series Power Optimizers brings the 3 S’s into play.

They are smart because in addition to monitoring the connectors 24/7, they automatically shut down the inverter in case of a potential threat and notify the installer exactly where the event occurred.

They are simple because their cabling is positioned higher for easier installation, minimizing exposure to isolation faults. The product line has also been simplified, for easier ordering, maintenance and storage, while supporting the full range of available panels, including high-power M10 and G12 PV modules, bifacial products, and panels with high input current of up to 15 A.

And they are safe. The new SolarEdge Sense Connect technology which monitors connectors and prevents electric arcs, is now a part of the SolarEdge safety suite, joining SafeDC™ that reduces DC to touch-safe levels during grid failures or when the inverter is down, making SolarEdge installations optimally secure.

3. Module-Level DC Optimization Still Rules

When SolarEdge’s founders got together back in 2006, they were determined to find a way to make PV systems more productive and energy efficient. Their solution: a unique DC optimized approach using power electronics, featuring Power Optimizers that perform Buck and Boost operation modes, increasing both system efficiency and yield. Using Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithms, SolarEdge Power Optimizers maximize the amount of power each module produces, regardless of the performance of other modules in the string. At the same time, they provide module-level safety and visibility.

It’s never been easier to install SolarEdge Power Optimizers or maximize the amount of energy generated from each system, with even more safety built in.

Find out more about the S-Series Power Optimizers here and see it yourself in this video.


Some of you may want to go one step back though. Before the S-Series. To the idea of Power Optimizers.  You may be wondering…. how do Power Optimizers actually work?

Here’s a little background that may help you out.

SolarEdge solutions are designed to harvest more power from the sun than other solar energy system.

Back in 2006, we realized that in order to prevent the degradation of solar system performance over time, we would have to solve the problem of module mismatch - caused by variations in manufacturing tolerances, differences in tilt and orientation, soiling, debris, and other factors.  This would require controlling and monitoring the amount of energy generated by each individual module.  To achieve this goal, we split solar system functionality into two products: a Power Optimizer and the fixed voltage DC Inverter.

Our founders envisioned developing a device or microchip that could be attached to each module and, using Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithms, maximize the amount of power each module produces individually, regardless of the performance of other modules in the string.

SolarEdge Power Optimizers do all that and more. Today our Power Optimizers not only harness the maximum energy possible per module, but they also provide pinpoint visibility into individual module performance. This maximizes system uptime and reduces maintenance requirements. And most importantly, they add additional safety benefits to the installed system by enabling installers to easily track, locate and resolve issues, or, when a fault is identified, shut down the system.

SolarEdge Power Optimizers remain a game-changing innovation that transform the way energy can be harvested from the sun. More than 78.8 million Power Optimizers have been delivered worldwide, powering millions of installations in 133 nations, on five continents around the globe.

Read more about SolarEdge Power Optimizers here.

SolarEdge S-Series Power Optimizers
Smart. Simple. Safe.

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I was asked along to support the team during the installation of the SolarEdge Firefighter Gateway and to oversee system commissioning. While there, I had the opportunity to meet Steve’s inspiring team of young trainees and see the difference that training is making to their lives. I firmly believe that once a newcomer to solar PV has installed a system correctly, the commissioning process is where the learning really falls into place. We tested the whole system and demonstrated exactly what happens when the Fire Fighter Gateway is activated. One push of the button and our proprietary safety feature, SafeDC™, drops every single module down to a touch-safe level – seeing that is powerful stuff. The Many Facets of Training Passionate about bringing new blood into the industry, and throughout his career, a witness to both the good and bad in installing PV systems, Steve understands the importance of training. While his trainees are treated to a full curriculum that includes health and safety, technical design and system installation, they also learn the critically important skill of how to work with the customer. The team appreciates that saying a simple “Hello! “on arrival to the site, keeping the whole site clean and tidy, and letting the customer know how the install is progressing, can be the difference between a good or bad experience – and can determine whether they’re going to be asked back to quote for another job. As Steve explained, “It’s so important for these youngsters to understand how to present themselves to our customers.” Edge Academy Courses Provide Opportunity As part of their introduction and training, the team are also completing the SolarEdge EDGE Academy Scholar Course - a 90-minute programme designed to take the trainees from zero knowledge to ready-for-their-first¬-SolarEdge-installation. 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And, when we emerge from the pandemic with a newly refurbished training room at our Cambridge office, we’re looking forward to making our training experience truly hybrid with new, hands-on sessions. PV Industry Offers New Possibility Examples of initiatives in the UK solar industry are quite encouraging. One of the most exciting is Solar Skills: London - a grant scheme for employee professional development supported by Solar Energy UK and the Mayor of London. And, following the disruption as a result of the lockdowns, there has been record breaking growth in in the deployment of solar PV in the UK (3),. Gen-Z have a huge part to play in switching our carbon-based economy of the past to one of clean power. And where better to do that than in the solar PV sector! As Steve concluded: “We’ve seen ups and downs in the UK PV industry, but it’s more stable today. Now that the green message is taking a foothold, I can see a healthy future in this business, and more importantly, so can my young team. There’s a good career ahead for the next generation - just as long as we take care to train them well.” References: Resolution Foundation: https://www.resolutionfoundation.org/app/uploads/2021/04/Uneven-steps.pdf https://www.statista.com/statistics/280228/uk-employment-rate-by-age-group/#:~:text=As%20of%20October%202021%2C%20the,%2Dto%2D24%20year%20old's Solar Energy UK: https://solarenergyuk.org/news/record-breaking-growth-in-rooftop-solar-capacity/
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