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StorEdge Backup Power Solution

Keeping the Lights on When the Grid Goes Down

The StorEdge DC-coupled solution automatically stores unused solar power in a battery for use during power outages or when solar production can’t meet the household energy demand. When there is a power outage, a combination of solar and battery is used to power important loads such as the refrigerator, TV, lights and AC outlets, day or night.

Lower Grid Consumption

Maximize solar usage and reduce grid dependency by automatically charging/discharging the battery to help meet household energy demands when the sun is down or solar power is insufficient
The amount of power purchased from the grid is reduced, giving the homeowner more energy independence

Avoid High Electricity Tariffs

Program the StorEdge system to operate according to different charge/discharge Time of Use profiles
Homeowners can charge the battery when electricity prices are low (off-peak tariffs) and discharge to supply the house when prices are high (peak tariffs)

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StorEdge Backup Solution

New Installations

The solution is based on a StorEdge single phase inverter which manages solar production, consumption, storage, and backup power, and is compatible with the high voltage LG Chem RESU 10 battery.

To achieve more power and more capacity, additional inverters and batteries may be added. For information on additional StorEdge configurations, please contact SolarEdge.

Existing Installations Powered by a Third-Party Inverter

To upgrade existing third-party installations, the StorEdge single phase inverter connects to the third-party inverter's AC output. The StorEdge inverter charges the battery using the solar power produced by the third-party inverter.

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