Communication Devices for Systems and Platforms | SolarEdge US
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SolarEdge Home Network

Install faster and offer greater reliability with SolarEdge Home Network, a single wireless plug-in that lets SolarEdge Home devices talk to each other at longer ranges.

Wireless Gateway

Eliminate the need to install a plug-in inside SetApp-enabled inverters with our new wireless gateway — an enhanced alternative communication option to the ZigBee Gateway.

Commercial Gateway

The commercial gateway is an all-in-one communication gateway, expanding the SolarEdge system’s monitoring and control capabilities.

Cellular Communication Options

Cellular connectivity enables wireless communication between the inverter and the monitoring platform.

Surge Protection Device Plug-in

Lightning and other surge events are unpredictable and can destroy an unprotected inverter in a moment.

Data Logger

The SolarEdge Data Logger acts as a weather station in combination with environmental sensors and is enclosed in a box for outdoor protection.