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SolarEdge Home Gateway Kit

The SolarEdge home gateway kit uses the ZigBee network to wirelessly connect any SolarEdge inverter to the internet through the homeowner’s router.

SolarEdge Control and Communication Gateway

The SolarEdge Control and Communication Gateway expands the SolarEdge monitoring and control capabilities. It can connect to SolarEdge inverters, environmental sensors and meters and can transfer the monitoring data to the SolarEdge monitoring server and optionally, to a non-SolarEdge logger.

SolarEdge Commercial Cellular GSM Kit

SolarEdge Commercial GSM Offering
SolarEdge offers a cellular GSM communication solution with a 5-year data plan for commercial systems. A single modem can be used for up to 32 devices (e.g. inverters, meters), with a limit of 500kW DC. For a site including more devices or more installed DC, multiple modems are required. The GSM modem provides continuous connection to the SolarEdge monitoring platform with 5-minute telemetry reporting from all connected inverters and power optimizers. 

RS485 Expansion Kit

The RS485 Expansion Kit provides an additional RS485 port for enhanced communications. The kit contains a module which is installed on the communication board and has a 3-pin RS485 terminal block.

RS485 Surge Protection Device

Lightning and other surge events are unpredictable and can destroy an unprotected inverter in a moment. The RS485 Surge Protection Device from SolarEdge, is designed to protect the inverter's RS485 transceiver in cases where surge events might occur.

SolarEdge Data Logger

The SolarEdge Data Logger acts as a weather station in combination with environmental sensors and is enclosed in a box for outdoor protection. The Communication and Control Gateway in the Data Logger provides several wireless connectivity types, and includes an interface for controlling the power of multiple SolarEdge inverters.

SolarEdge Residential Cellular GSM Kit

SolarEdge Residential GSM Offering
SolarEdge offers a cellular GSM communication solution with a 5-year data plan for residential systems. The cellular GSM modem provides wireless communication between the inverter and the SolarEdge monitoring server. The modem can be installed inside the SolarEdge inverter and connects to an external antenna, simplifying the communication setup and saving installation time.